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KDM, report of the activities held on October 24th, 2013

Report of the activities held on October 24th, at KDM Jakarta


-Cooperative games (to build the group)
- What are the emotions?
- Improve and develop vocabulary on emotions

we will need:

- the recording of a song that the kids like 
- a funny object easy to be held 
- the hula hoop 
- 6 blindfolds 
- banner of emotions 

Ten kids from the blue class

N., U., N, 


Group building games:


- Greetings and Ball name game
There are some kids who didn't join the class last week.
Kids seem excited to see us.
S. said she looked forward to do musical activities again. She wants to learn to play the violin.

- what do you remember from last time?
They remembered the human knot and the hula hoop game.

- We than played pretending to be on a boat (to try to boost their fantasy).
They liked very much this activity.
N. was the wind, A. the rain and E. the waves.

- little fish game
Kids like this game, even E. participates. 
A. is behind piano, reading, but now and then peeks around the corner to see what we are doing.
S. hangs on the sofa.

- stretching and breathing together
I think they enjoyed (even if the attention goes quickly off) it.
A. is reading and pretending not to be interested
New kids: S. and D. (younger siblings of S.)

- rhythmical circle
Only Sara gave the inputs for repetition.
A. went out during gym voice game
Kids love it, the louder the better.
E. is outside the circle, but seems to enjoy the games. Follows instructions with a smile.
A. came back after a few minutes.

- tuc tic tac song
They already knew it.
Still, they were not so good in singing (X was singing loudly and out of tune, R. was very tuned)


- Hula hoop, 30 seconds round hoop last time.
1st time 1:44
2nd time 49 secs
They were well following the rules and probably enjoying.

- detangling human knot
Kids were very fast in detangling. They like the game and are lining up to take turns.
They were detangling simple situations.

- Walking blind I'm pairs

Some of them didn't want to do it.
Other seemed to like it a lot.
Anyway, the location is very noisy and confused and it is difficult to perform this game with the due silence and concentration.

We asked them how they felt after the blind game:

F. happy
F. happy
A. happy
E. sad 
A. happy
S. happy
S. sadar diri
A. angry
R. angry
F. happy
N. tenang
A. happy

We asked: How did you make your partner feel safe? What did your partner do that made you feel safe?

They did quite a good job, seemed to have no problem with trust as some of them were joking around. F. was walking with N., when she was wearing the blindfold, she was leading where to go and when N. was wearing the blindfold, she tried to run with her and kept bumping into others.

We went inside.
Improve and develop vocabulary on emotions

After a very difficult time to get all the children back from the snack, we tried to play a pretending game.

Kids pretended to be Forest animals in different parts of the forest (river, forest and mountain) and U. and N. had to walk around as 2 humans.
We told them that they could choose if they wanted to scare or to embrace the two.
All of them were scaring the 3 ladies.
They were very noisy and started to tease each other with their animals.
F. and R. we're rolling over the floor all the time.
The crocodile kids were hanging on the sofa making noise. 
Only S. was very quiet, lying on the floor and looking around.

They seem to like games that have potential to be noisy and chaotic.

The animal that they have chosen to be:
Panther: A., 
Crocodiles: A., F., F., F., S.
Cobra: E.,
Elephant: S.
Lions: A., R., S. 

After the game we asked what they felt:

Senang (happy): R., F., A., A., F., S., S. said they were feeling happy.
A. said he felt angry.
E. said he felt sad.

Sara then played "Danny boy".
The kids were listening carefully.
They said that they loved to hear the music.

Then Sara asked them to imagine a story on it but they could say other things than "happy".

So she suggested that that piece was a song, and asked them where the song could have been settled.
They said in the river, and on the sea.

Then Sara wished to play again to help them imagining more.

U. got very upset with the kids because they were very noisy and we're rolling over the floor during Sara's second piece. She asked them if Sara should continue, but warned them that it wouldn't happen if they were disruptive.

Finally Sara played again.

We discussed again and here it is what they said:

S.: felt happy and the music makes the children quiet
A.: happy
The kids usually say the the music makes them senang.
They have a small vocabulary where it concerns emotions. They always say that they happy, angry or sad.
Comment: also because some of them can't read, find pics that show emotions and try to give them a wider range of vocabulary.

Invent story with Sara's suggestions: the sea and a lady
We forgot who exactly said the following:
- a lady looks at the water
- a lady who is swimming in nice cool water
- a hippo in the river
- a lady in a boat in the sea

We ended with Musica Musica song.

A. sat with N. after the session. He was asking questions about the Titanic. How many people were on board, if it happened a long time ago, how many people were killed and where it sank.
He mentioned that they watched the movie a while ago.
He was very interested if it would be possible to bring the ship out of the water.
After they chatted, N. asked him if he liked the sessions. He said he did. He didn't want to answer why he doesn't participate, but he wants us to continue.

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