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Report of the activities held on October 22nd, Kdm Jakarta

Wednesday 22 October 2014


Theme: Appreciation



Emoticons (Nancy)

Pencils/crayons (Sotar)

Beads and string (Nancy)

Laptop for music (Sotar)


Blue class: 9am-10.30am


1. Name song (5 minutes)


2. "Follow Me" Game (10 minutes)

Kids are in a circle, one is appointed to start a movement on music, all the others follow. Then another one is appointed, and so on.


3. Bead activity (see attachment) (60 minutes)


4. Musica Musica






Yellow Class


Start and finish with Emoticons


1. "Whispering Game" (15 minutes)

We make 3 groups in a circle.


Mara and Benedetta make a sentence in Italian that says: " Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another". ( or a shorter sentence about being happy/content)


Stefania says in her language :" Happy people plan actions, they don't plan results" (or something in that sense)


They will whisper that into the ear of one of the kids. He/she will try to repeat /pronounce it as best as he/she can to his/her neighbour .


The last child will say out loud what he/she thinks he/she has heard.

Then Mara, Benedetta and Stefania will then say in their language what they say and we'll tell the kids what it means in Indonesian.


It's a message about being happy.


2. Bead game.


3. Song: Little Green Frog


Report Wednesday 22 October 2014


Theme: Appreciation



Sotar, Uut (blue class), Mette, Mara, Benedetta, Stefania, Nancy


Blue Class:

1. Almost all kids are complete, only s. is absent. We do the namesong first.

Kids participate well. Only f. doesn’t want to join and keeps reading under a table. F. seems to be in a bad mood.


Introduction of m. (Mara’s daughter), she sings Italian songs.

The kids like it very much. Especially a., he keeps smiling. M. and s. play and Indonesian song. Kids sing with a lot of enthusiasm.

2. Follow song: all kids participate well . A. is most expressive. I think this is a fun activity to do again for a future session.


3. Bead activity.

Ibu Uut starts with giving the kids their first beads. Kids are attentive. They listen carefully to what Uut says to each child. They seem a bit shy when they receive their bead, but happy.

The boxes of beads dropped a few times. A. was very helpful with putting them back.



A.: helpful

A.: helpful

G.: helped younger sibling when there was a fight

G.: good boy

A.: sweet girl

A.: good boy

A.: shares food

R.: sweet boy

F.: shares food

G.: helps with math

B.:  likes to give an answer

B.:  can teach f.



Kids start to get noisy




G.: listens when studying

A.: sweet girl and cute

G.: disciplined

F.: wants to study with UUt

M.: wants to play with m.

A.: wants to play with everyone

F.: is a good friend

B.: good soccer player

A.: best friend


A.: can work well together

A. and a.: play well together with d.

F.: cute

B.: nice to a.

G.: although g. is annyong, he’s a good football player

E.: he reminds f. to do things


A.: good boy

A.: likes to borrow pen/pencil

M.: likes to share

M.: likes to share pencil

G.: likes to help

D.: nice boy

F.: cute girl he likes to tease her

A.: nice boy

R.: he likes to tease f.

A.: helps a.


( serious)
, gets annoyed because other kids keep making noise

A.: funny and helps

M.: nice girl

M.: helps at school

A.: likes to play with a.

M.: likes to help in class

D.: likes to play together

D.: eventhough he irritates f., he also likes to help

F.: likes to help in class


Note: we didn’t divide the kids into 2 groups, because they stuck together in a big circle. But because they had to wait too long, they got noisy. They seemed to enjoy the activity and want to do it again.


3. End: ‘Musica Musica’





Yellow Class



11 participants


Introduction Martina. She sings an Italian song, the kids learn the chorus. They are very interested in learning what it means.



Whispering game: divide kids in 2 groups (make 2 lines)

Mara and Benedetta are the 1st in each group and say a word or sentence in Italian. It’s passed on until the last child who says out loud what he/she heard.

Kids in group 1 got upset because they have it wrong a few times. They start blaming eachother.

Kids in group 2 have the words correct most. But they cheated a lot. A., moved over to Benedetta when she whispered the word to i. and the rest also tried to listen in.


Bead activity. Each kid picks 10 beads. They make 2 lines. They give beads to the person opposite to them.. Then the 1st person in group 1 moves to the end of his/her line so kids are facing different groupmember and so on.

They seem giggly and a bit shy to say nice things to eachother, but overall seem to enjoy it. They cooperate well.



Note: especially the older kids like to trade the beads they received into another they like better. We explained to them that the beads they receive were especially picked for them by their friends, so it’s not a very nice thing to trade them in.




Emoticons: We did the emoticons in the beginning of the session with the yellow class.

Most of the kids wrote either ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’. Only a. wrote: ‘sad’ and ‘angry’ and g. wrote ‘tired’’.



End: Little Green Frog song 





Exercise Blue class: ”A bracelet of beads from my friends”



Goal of the exercise:


The goal of the exercise is to teach the children to show appreciation (e.g all the children choose beads for each other ”This bead is for you because…..”) and to give them a sense of belonging to a group who cares about them.

The exercise also practices the young children´s finer motor skills and concentration/focus skills.



How the exercise goes:


Material needed:

Beads, divided in to 2 bowls for 2 groups (Mette and Nancy)

Elastic thread (Nancy – please cut the thread and tie knots in the end beforehand)

Sissors (Sotar)

16 Cups to gather the beads (Sotar)


Start up and instructions:

The instructions are given in plenum and the group is afterwards divided in to 2 groups. Every group has at least two helpers.


Instructions that are to be given in plenum:

This is a special exercise where you make a bracelet for your self. The beads that you use for the bracelet are chosen by your friends. Everyone chooses 1 bead for everyone in the group. We will show you when you go to your group.


IMPORTANT: You have to say something nice when you give your friend a bead, something you like about this friend, something that makes him/her special.


Instructions in the group:

(given by Nancy in one group and Sotar in the other)

A child is chosen to start. Child A sits in the middle of the circle and the rest of the group make a ring around the child.


The bowl of beads start with one of the adult helpers, the helper chooses a bead suitable for the child and hands it to the child while saying why this bead is for this child.


“This bead is for you because I like you”

“This bead is for you because you are my friend”

“This bead is for you because you have a nice smile”

“This bead is for you because you always hold my hand”

“This bead is for you because you are kind”……

IMPORTANT: please encourage the children to say things that are not connected to appearance or the “outer-self” but more to something special within the child.


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