Sunday, August 30, 2015

Workshop 2: Emotions and communication

Workshop 2: emotions and communication

August 25th, 2015:  Workshop at SOS village Sarajevo - n. 2

Main message:

1) emotions provide very important informations in our communications


- improve team trust and intimacy

- Improve and develop vocabulary on emotions

- improve self esteem

- improve creativity/authenticity



- Song of the emotions (Emocija pjesma):

(2 min)

- mouse And cat game

(To let them express their energies)

(5 min)

- "invent your dance" game: make a circle, make an original movement that everybody has to imitate, stay until the music changes, dont talk. (Sara plays) 

(5 min)

- game "Say loudly your name" and pick the ball at your way

(To learn each others names, improve self esteem and creativity)

(5 min)


- game "how do you feel today" (walking accordingly to your mood);

(For emotional awareness)

(5 min)

- Walking blind game

(For Team building and trustfulness)

This is a silent activity.

Students work in pairs.

Partner 1 is instructed to close their eyes as partner 2 leads them around the space.

Partner 2’s goal is to make their partner feel as safe as possible. They must determine what is best for their partner (without talking) – walking with both hands held, one hand held, arm around shoulder, etc.

Let them wander for 2 minutes or so, keeping their movement slow at all times. Switch.


How did you make your partner feel safe? What did your partner do that made you feel safe?

(10 min)

- game about what information is given through emotions:


Ask the kids what they do understand from the different ways of saying something.

Ask if in their opinion what Elzaheta says counts more of how she says it.

Explanation: sometime the informations that we get through emotions are different from the words we listen to. 

It is important to understand the meaning of the emotions of the person talking as much as the meaning of words. 

Emotions provide very important informations in our communications (90% of our communication is non verbal!).

 (15 min)

- game: Walk like animals (mouse, lion, butterfly, snake)

The way animals behave, their attitude can be similar to specific human emotions (fear, pride, lightness, slimy,  anger, ...)

(5 min)

- Musica musica song

(5 min)



- Focusing and slowing down excercise (If needed, to improve focusing):

Walking slowly,

slowing down to feel ourselves do something normal in a extraordinary way

ask the kids to walk very very slowly, being aware of each single movement of their body.

Keep the escercise for 2 minutes (better 5 minutes).

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