Sunday, December 6, 2015

Music and Empathy in Jakarta, workshop 3

Workshop n.3

Thursday, December 3rd, 10-12 am



11 Kids from Kdm


Sara and Sotar, Mette, Mia, Mara, Roy


To improve the understanding of empathy and foster authenticity 


Main message:

An empathetic person can understand the reason why other people behave in a certain way.


- to learn to place in another person's position

- to work on Empathetic behaviours: don't judge the persons as a whole but only the specific acts that they have done.

 Tools that we will need:

- around 10 balloons

- small items for the kids to perform the drama

- guitar



- Song: The little green frog

(Team building activity)

(5 min)

- de- briefing on what we did the previous day

(5 min)

- story by Mette 

Mette will tell the kids a story, and Sara will underline it with a sort of soundtrack.

The story will be without an end, and will have to give elements to judge some other people behaviour.

We will ask the kids what they think and how the story could end.

Finally, Mette will tell them the whole story, in which the "evil" guy is shown with all the elements, so he/she doesn't appear evil any more.

If possible, it would be great to show it as a drama performed by the "trainers".

The story of the samurai and the old lady could work.

Share if something similar happened to you.

(40 min)

(If needed: mouse and cat game, to release energies)

- break -

- octopus game

(Warming up)

(10 min)

- Talk in the ear through the Balloon game 

Make pairs. One child Put the half full balloon on the ear of the other child and sings very softly a song (can be a lullaby).

Exchange roles

Ask them what they felt.

(10 min)

- Monti's Czarda music

The children first listen, trying to imagine a story following the music

Then we will divide them in three groups and ask them to make a small drama that suits the music and that shows some empathetic behaviour.

All of this, without speaking.

(30 min)

- Musica musica song

(Final song)

(2 min)

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