Sunday, December 6, 2015

Music and Empathy in Jakarta, workshop 2

Workshop n. 2

Wednesday, December 2nd, 10-12 am



11 Kids from Kdm


Sara and Sotar, Roy, Mette, Mia, Mara


Main message:

An empathetic person is someone who can share another person's feelings. 


- to understand other person's feelings

- to work on Empathetic behaviours

 Tools that we will need:

- an A3 sheet and a pen

- guitar

- projector (Roy)



- Song: The little green frog (two voices)

(Team building activity)

(5 min)

- de- briefing on what we did the previous day

(5 min)

- Ask the kids to name as many emotions as they can, and write it down.

Then name those emotions and ask the children to make the face expression and body language to show it.

(To collect their knowledge)

(5 min)

- Roy activities on how to understand other person's feelings.


How the emotional brain works and mirror neurons (slides)

Have the kids been taught about Self Awareness? i.e. Are able to recognise their own feelings and thoughts , and importantly, understand how thoughts determine feelings and actions?   It is good if they understand this because its the basis to understand how others feel and think.

One idea that comes to mind is to show pictures of faces with different expressions and have the kids try to see what emotions the person in the picture is feeling.

We could also have them make faces of different feelings and then others have to guess what feeling they are expressing.

For conflict resolution I have some slides for kids to explain about how sometimes our emotions (such as anger) are a FALSE alarm, based on thought that doesn't reflect reality.  (e.g.  She bumped into me on purpose)

(30 min)

- Octopus game

(Releasing energies  game)

One child is in the middle of the room and is the octopus.

The other children are "fishes", at one side of the room.

At the start, the fishes try to reach the other side of the room without being touched by the octopus.

Who will be touched become an octopus and will help him for the second round, sitting down where they have being tagged, and moving the arms.

The last fish will be the octopus for the next time.

(10 min)

    - break -

- Mirror game 

(To improve empathic observation)

With faster music, in pairs, move, one in front of the other, like in a mirror.

Then, exchange roles.

Exchange the feelings.

(20 min)

- Rhythmic circle (led by them)

(To have fun, foster self esteem and improve concentration)

(10 min)

-Listen carefully to Sara playing (Tartini's Abandoned Dido)

What story do you imagine?

Which feelings are inside the music?

Sara tells the original story.

What would you have done or said to her, if Dido had been your friend?

Play the music again

(20 min)

- Musica musica song

(Final song)

(2 min)

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