Sunday, December 6, 2015

Music and Empathy in Jakarta, workshop 4

Workshop n.4

Friday, December 4th, 10-12 am



11 Kids from kdm


Sara and Sotar, Roy, Mette, Mara, Mia


To improve the understanding of empathy and foster authenticity 


Main message:

Knowing our emotions (in order to be able to better know other's emotions).


- to be aware of our feelings

- to learn how thinking can change our feelings

 Tools that we will need:

- Projector

- seven sheets, each with the name of an emotion on it (happy, sad, angry, calm, anxious, worried, enthusiastic

- guitar



- Song: The little green frog (fast, slow, loud, soft)

(Team building activity)

(5 min)

- de- briefing on what we did the previous day

(5 min)

- game: Sara plays a music and each of the kids and trainers run to the emotion they feel.

(To develop authenticity and self awareness, and check their mood)

(5 min)

- Roy activities on how our thinking can change our emotions, followed by discussion with the kids

(20 + 20 min)

If needed: - Octopus (or mouse and cat) game

(To release the tension)

(5 min)

- break -

Parachute games:

- making the sea (following the music)

-  making a flying cloud (to work on cooperation)

- running exchanging place under the parachute

- make a house

- make a drama on empathy: Sara will play some music and Sotar will tell them a Story invented by him in which they will have to act.

The Story could be a short situation in which they could have experienced empathy while living at kdm or in tue street, or a fantastic Story.

The parachute on the floor could be a house on a tree in the forest, or a boat in the era, or a safe place in the street, or a spacecraft in the space.

Mara could help playing with the kids.

(30 min)

- game of sharing our experience

Each of us will share what she/he felt, liked and disliked during the four workshops.

(15 min)

- circle of compliments

In a circle, each of us, in turn, will be told a compliment by the others.

(10 min)

- greetings

(5 min)

- Musica musica song

(Final song)

(2 min)

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