Monday, December 9, 2013

A dear thank you to the persons who supported Silvia Gribaudi's arrival

We wish to thank the sponsors who allowed the internationally renowned choreographer and performer Silvia Gribaudi to come to Jakarta, to enhance the body emotional awareness of KDM street kids,contributing for the costs of the flight ticket and health insurance:

Silvia Nardino and family
Mara Loi and Alberto Ceccolini
Daniel and Nessie
Rita Rinci
Estu Susanto
Manuela Oehms
Chisako Uwabo
Shuhei Uwabo
Marina Maeda
Silvia Crespo and Dirian Mejia
Fidelis Sadicon
Elisabetta Zavoli
Mauro Scotti
Jan Kees Baijens
Lillianne ten Houten
Duncan and Susanne
Florence and Gijs van Zalk
Michele Zaccheo and Rachel
Nancy Fox

Thank you!

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