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Report of the training of trainers, December 3rd, 2013

Report of the training of trainers held at KDM on December 3rd, 2013

Uut, Agus, Lena, Ipung, Natalia, Nancy

Silvia, Sara

While waiting for everybody to arrive, Sara plays some music.
Ibu Ipung is fully absorbed by the music. 

- gym to wake up (see video)
3 minutes

- Marco polo wandering, dance and music
2 minutes

- Silvia briefly introduces herself
5 minutes

- Silvia briefly explains the tasks for the workshop
2 minutes

- Silvia leads the workshop on body as a territory, to support the ibus in help the kids growing in their body awareness
45 minutes

exercise, holding hands and lean backwards. Have to make sure partner and you stay balanced.
- Teachers say it's not so easy. One says it makes her a bit afraid. All say this is a trust exercise. 

Make space (big and small) around each others bodies, with our arms, legs, face, breath.
Make space around groups of people, also use voice while making space around others.
-Teachers are having fun with this exercise.

Walking around and saying 'I love you' (with loving expression face) to everyone you meet, with hugs.
Then say "no" to everyone you meet: you have to try to touch someone, but don't want to be touched yourself.
Become a very strong person, show the person you meet that you are tough and strong.
- Everybody is good at expression love-rejection, but L. is the best in expressing that she is strong. 

Expressing that things are too difficult, being powerless, without energy
Want to stay alone
being angry with other people..
- L. and U. express very well
Silvia tries to get L. up and come with her, she rejects her. The she tris to take N.'s chair, gets pushed away. Then tries to take U.'s chair, but gets rejected too.
I. looks sad and depressed

Exercise kick, punch etc
Change movements with emotions, angry strong, sad weak movements, sad face
Voice exercises: Tapping body etc
Teachers are very focused on this exercise.

Question: Can they use exercises in class?

Make kids focus, transfer energy. Even useful for teachers themselves. Useful when kids destructive and disruptive. Sometimes teachers are stressed with the kids, take time to act out  ( teachers and students)
If the kids are tired from studying, maybe they can use a song with the movements. ipung

A. her kids listen well, she is quite strict. Kids are like robots, they do what she tells them.
U., says she can use the exercise. Depends on the teacher if exercise is effective. Also her class not serious, they laugh about everything.

I. asks if there are exercises that maybe too dangerous for the kids.
Silvia says it's up to the judgement of the teacher to decide. But trust games ( hanging backwards while holding hands or falling backwards and partner catch). Maybe better suitable for kids 7 years and up.


snack time


We Made 2 groups of 3. 
2 persons operate arms on a person sitting in chair.
L. likes I. movement
A. feels like dancing with someone she loves
N. and I. feel like pinocchio

jumping the rope (about emotions: fear, embarassment, decision, failure, joy.)
The task of this game is to make feel joy even in the failure: the objective is not to succeed but to try)
5 minutes
Testing the limit.
Good for kids who are afraid to learn.
Important to try, not success.

---Room is a bit too small , but teachers get what the exercise means: to try is more important than to succeed.---

Anger and understanding

Talking about:
- the experience of anger leads to a desire of revenge
- the desire of revenge doesn't diminish until we realize to be angry and until we can release our anger: it can last for years
- to feel/express anger involve feelings of power, control on others and also guilt and shame
- only the will of let the revenge go, and/or forgiveness can solve this situation
- the forgiveness can happen only if we try to understand the emotional situation of those who inflicted the sorrow/pain.

5 minutes

Game on transformation

- divide in couples, one tells situations of her life that Made her change, the Times that made a transformation in their life (a death, a birth, a conversion, etc).
Start from when you were a baby until now
Tell it in 5 minutes to your mate.

- the mate listen only.
When the story finishes she starts to invent a fairy tale with those situations.
And read it to the made. And asks: do you recognize yourself in this story?

- we ask: who would like to make a short drama with her fairy tale? You can decide who will be the actors/characters.
30 min

U. and I.
One day a girl named x, wholikes to wear red, wanted to go into forest.
Her parents disagreed. X said she is very brave, so her parents said it's ok.
X went into the forest and faced the animals.
She she came out safely

Story by N.
One day there was a big moon in the sky and very silvery and white.
The moon is very proud to shine all night in the dark.
But the moon is alone in the dark sky.
The moon looks around and sees other planets and they are having fun together. They have sparkling things around them.
The moon said i shine bright enough and don't need others to shine.
Eventually she feels a bit bad and scratches her head. A hair like a beam came off and it turns into a star.
The moon takes care of the small star and plays and has fun.
After a while she scratches her head again and another star came off.
She wasnt alone anymore and went on many adventures with her stars

Ibu A. is the moon, L. and U. are the playing planet.
N. is the first star that A. makes. I. is the second star

- applause in a circle
3 min
They are excellent in receiveng and thanking for compliments.

Photo courtesy of Elisbetta Zavoli

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