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Report of the activities at Kdm held on November 28th

Report of the activities of Nov. 28th, at Kdm
Feeling Threatened


Trainers: S., U., N., N.

Kids: I., R., R., S., E., S., S., A., S., T., A., F., A., R., N., E.

We asked them to sit in a circle and asked them about the previous day (they remembered mostly the games).
We explained that N. and S. are not able to participate today.
While talking, some noise is heard from outside.

S. scary mask, N. Dracula teeth and wild hair.
Kids shocked, but love it. 
F. cried, frightened. U. said one other child hugged her.

Introduction of feeling threatened.

S. and Sara go through different moods of music and dance.
Kids response very good, they follow S.'s emotional expressions.
S. asks questions about body experience with emotions. 

The big kids (the girls) don't really like to express the emotion of fear, anxiety.
Stay in the back.

Music, Sanvido Bordone 3

Kids listen very carefully
Even A. is focused.
How do you feel?

They said: sad, like to dance, gloomy, mourning, Sara is angry, heart broken, walking in the garden with sad music, wondering about the future, cry.

Then they make a drama on the music:

Group 1.
F., S., A., A., F.
There has been an accident. A. and F. are on the floor. They are carried away by the other girls.

Group 2.
S., A., E., F., A., R.
R. and F. are guarding the princess (E.). The other boys come in, try to kill the guards and took the princess away. S. is the horse that carries the princess away, A. is the kidnapper. R. and F. follow the kidnappers and take the princess back.

Emotion felt by the audience: frustrated, annoyed.

Group 3.
E., R. (they were in group 3, but they don't like it because the girls are too bossy. At first they didn't want to do any drama, but when I proposed they can do it together, they were happy)
E. wears the barony mask, he is a ghost. R. sleeps, E. enters the room and sits on R.. R. dies.

Group 4.
S., N., T. are bullies.
S., R, are beaten up by the girls. they hold each others' hands and go back (with N.) to confront the girls about their behaviour.

Afraid of the 3 girls.


Play with the coloured paper. 
kids participate well. 
End: make a mountain of the coloured paper.

They pretend to become a mountain, feel strong and tall.
Start from the base and slowly rise up. N. and S. not so interested.

End throwing the coloured paper around, like a volcano.

Sara sings "musica musica song" and the name song with the kids.

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