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Report of the activities held at Kdm, on December 4th, 2013

Report of the Activities held on December 4th, 2013, at KDM


R., S., E., F., A., F., F., N., S., R., A., T., E., S.


U., N., N., S., S., E.

1. music and movement
dance with music
silvia looks at Sara ... suspense ... red lipstick

creating a red nose
race with a red nose
all children with red nose
5 min

2. walking and hello!
... such as: president, hungry people, old, enemies, lovers, singers, stars, ghosts, baby
10 min

-- Kids had a plot of fun during the 'red nose' session. Most were willing to get a red nose from Silvia and N. They followed the 'Hello" activity with the back and forth skipping quite well.
They understood the characters that Silvia portrayed.

3. tenderness
Sara plays
soft contact
divide. groups: the family of cats
the puppies are hungry
puppies should be cleaned
the family goes for a walk
meeting between families
ride on his back
the puppies go to bed
10 min.

sounds tartini
waiting for gamelan

4. in what ways do you create happiness for yourself?
30 min

---- Create happiness.:
A.: plays soccer
F. dances
A.: dances
F.: ballet
N.: walks in the park/garden
S.: basketball
S.: soccer
S.: listen to music
E.: breakdance
R. (big): play
N.: go with her boyfriend
F.: teasing friends (especially when they sleep)
R. (small): breakdance
T.: writing


waiting for gamelan

4. couple dance
Sara plays Libiamo and a waltz

E. and T. dance together (on Jingle bels). start lying down on the floor: sleeping. Wake up, dance, end up sleeping.

N., S., T., S. and S. dance what seems a formal  classic dance

was a bit chaotic. Kids didn't follow Sara's instructions well.

Face dance
Silvia explains het arm hurst and that she can't dance. Kids were quite good in noticing what facial expressions Silvia showed them.
Kids were fascinated by Silvia's face dance. Even A. was very quiet.
Big R. had small R. on his lap. Very touching to see.

Couple dance
Kids seem to enjoy actives like this. What strikes me every time with similar activities is, that none of the kids have problems being touched or be close to someone else. Even when a boy and a girl dance together, it doesn't bother them, looks quite natural. No shyness or self conciousness.

3. falling in love and infatuation
Haveyou ever been infatuated with someone?
15 min
A.: feels love
N. is shy when she likes a boy
E. is confused
A.: panics, is afraid something happens to the boy she likes, feels nervous. Wants to feel loved back
E.: doesn't like the feeling
F. and F.: love makes your heart beats faster. (F. gets annoyed with F., because she repeated what he said. He asks why she always has to copy what others say and do. F. reacts angry)
T.: makes her feel doubtful
S.: love makes her happy

6. delivery of the diplomas
15 min

General during session:
A. slept at first, after he woke up he left, didn't want to talk.
Other kids were preparing backdrop for upcoming Nutcracker ballet
Kids were fighting a lot during the session.
A. is very disruptive, joins at first but gets annoyed she he has to follow what the others do. He is disturbing everybody. Occasionally he participates with the activities.
S. lies on the table for the first 30 minutes. She is sad because Sara is leaving.

Photo courtesy of Elisabetta Zavoli

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