Monday, December 9, 2013

Report of the activities held at KDM on November 29th, 2013


20 kids


N., N., U., S., S.

what we need:

2 plastic glasses 
2 buckets with water 
1 bottle
20 straws 
1 funnel 


1 - Song: "Ibu punya 
lima kucing
putih dan merah
diblakan pintu"

Kids like it. They sing it with anger, fear, sadness, happiness. They follow Sara's expressions of the emotions quite well after a while (with a little encouragement of Silvia.)

2 - Silvia make them feel how the body reacts to sadness.
Pretend our hands are as butterflies.
Different body movements with emotions while calling "kupukupu" (voice expresses different emotions as well.)

3 - Game on hand on hand (and other part of the body), walking, in couples, in the circle (folk dance)
The kids like to dance while keeping contact with their partner.

4 - Play  Albinoni's Adagio's.

We asked:
- how did you react? what you feel in your body?
- when was the last time you have been sad?
Which are the feeling related to feeling gloomy (left out, down, disappointed, burdened, invisible, stuck, unhappy, undeserving, Depressed, heavy hearted, miserable, mournful, glum, morose, heartbroken)?

Sad: A., F.
Sleepy: M., T.
D. misses his father
F. : feels like after a beating

They then shared a recent sad story:

D. misses his father, he is crying now.
R. feels weak and wants to cry
E. thinks of her uncle who passed away after a car hit him.
R. cries when sad. He says he's sad when his parents fight.
T. feels cramp in body when she is sad.
E. makes herself clam on her bed. Punches doll.
R., reacts angry

Some say they are missing their parents.

Sara explains that sadness sometimes is hidden behind anger.    

D. and S. are very sad. They cry for their father.
Both in corner but eventually D. joins activities again.
E. is also crying for some reason, doesn't want to say why.

At this point we tried to let the kids cry, and express their feeling, but at the same time we sweetly took them to another, smoother, emotion.

4 - Game: "save Silvia"
Happiness potion must be given to Silvia who is very sad.
They have to bring one glass of water each to Silvia and fill a bottle with a funnel. Little by little Silvia will feel better until the last glass will be poured, and then she will be very happy.
To fill the bottle they have to:
-Pass under Sara's tunnel without bending the back
- walk with both arms up until they reach Silvia and pour the potion to make her happy.

We divided them in 3 groups, and asked to compete with the time, not among the groups.

They really liked this game. It looks like the combination of competition and teamworks works quite good for the kids.

5 - Game small ball
Sara hands out pretend small ball.
E. and S. pretend there is something wrong with S.'s ball.
R., E., A., M., I., R. hide under the table.
Other kids enjoy the game.
T. and S. throw ball at each other.

I. fell at the beginning of the session, and hurted his arm.

-- snack --

A. was upset after snack, because he was told off.

Sara plays Vivaldi spring

S. listens with his eyes closed.
I., M.,E., E. under table.
A. claps with the music and teases S.. She snaps him away. He is trying to disturbing others.

Stories kids make up about what they feel when listening to the music.
S. in a boat
A. fishing
R. dance
D. play piano
R. playing computer wargames
T. at friend's house
F. remembers nutcracker dance
R. in a boat

6 - Balloon game with happyness blow
(divide in couples, giving a straw to each couple)

E. doesnt want to join. She looks angry. But when Sara gives her a straw, she takes it anyway.
A. tries to break the straw. He is angry, throws it away and wants a new one. We try to explain to him that his straw works fine for this game, but he does't accept it. When we tell him he does't get a new one, he picks up his straw and joins any way in the game.
The rest of the kids participate.

They really like it. Cheer when their friend is inflated.


Group persahabatan
F., A., E., A., R.
Group of friends play. E. sleeps. A. starts to fight. F. interferes, they end with a song how to be good friends.

Group 2
S., D., F., F., A., A., T.
(School. T. is teacher. Gives math exercise.
D. makes jokes.
S. is the leader of the kids. Helps the other with exercise together with D.)
F. and F. are sad because they cant do the exercise.
They feel better after S. explains things to them and they understand.

Group 3
E., I., S., R., T., N., R.
(S. is the leader. He makes the story and divides the roles when the others are stuck. The girls arent taking any initiative.
E. says he wants to do a sketch alone. E. sits, head in head. )
3 friends ignore E., he's not fun. Push him away. R., N. , I., ask E. why he cries. He explains he's not allowed to play with the others.
They call the 3 others and ask why they push E. away. The 3 kids ask forgiveness.

End with a song
Musica musica
They follow well ( original group). New group likes to learn it.
They follow quite well.
They ask the meaning of the song.

Name song
The kids asked to sing also the "names" song.
S. dances to show the others the movements.

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