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Western classical gig Music From Venice will also feature a tabla player
Posted On Monday, November 23, 2009

Sara Michieletto and (below) Marialuisa 
The concert Music From Venice, on November 25 will feature Sara Michieletto on violin, Marialuisa Pappalardo on piano and Vyas Vijaydutt on tabla.
Sara is interested in music in all its forms. She has, over the years, performed as a soloist with Orchestra di Venezia, the string orchestra L’Estro Armonico and the chamber orchestra Le Vivaldiane. Sara is currently based in India as she’s working on the project — The Strains of Violin in India. “The city of Venice has played an important role in western classic music, especially in the 17th and 18th century. Wonderful composers such as Monteverdi, Gabrieli, Vivaldi have offered exceptional works to the world which changed the course of history of western music,” says Sara as she elaborates on the music from Venice.

How does a tabla player fit in a western classical music concert? “Well, the violin and tabla will be used to play new compositions. And this is not fusion music — I don’t like that term — the word ‘meeting’ music is more apt,” answers Sara. Talking about the concert on Wednesday, Sara says, “We have performed the compositions before, but Venice Mumbai will be performed for the first time.”
The other musician Marialuisa, has performed as a soloist and in chamber music ensembles. Her repertoire often includes composers from romantic, impressionistic and modern periods.


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