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Report of the activities held at Kdm, on December 4th, 2013

Report of the Activities held on December 4th, 2013, at KDM


R., S., E., F., A., F., F., N., S., R., A., T., E., S.


U., N., N., S., S., E.

1. music and movement
dance with music
silvia looks at Sara ... suspense ... red lipstick

creating a red nose
race with a red nose
all children with red nose
5 min

2. walking and hello!
... such as: president, hungry people, old, enemies, lovers, singers, stars, ghosts, baby
10 min

-- Kids had a plot of fun during the 'red nose' session. Most were willing to get a red nose from Silvia and N. They followed the 'Hello" activity with the back and forth skipping quite well.
They understood the characters that Silvia portrayed.

3. tenderness
Sara plays
soft contact
divide. groups: the family of cats
the puppies are hungry
puppies should be cleaned
the family goes for a walk
meeting between families
ride on his back
the puppies go to bed
10 min.

sounds tartini
waiting for gamelan

4. in what ways do you create happiness for yourself?
30 min

---- Create happiness.:
A.: plays soccer
F. dances
A.: dances
F.: ballet
N.: walks in the park/garden
S.: basketball
S.: soccer
S.: listen to music
E.: breakdance
R. (big): play
N.: go with her boyfriend
F.: teasing friends (especially when they sleep)
R. (small): breakdance
T.: writing


waiting for gamelan

4. couple dance
Sara plays Libiamo and a waltz

E. and T. dance together (on Jingle bels). start lying down on the floor: sleeping. Wake up, dance, end up sleeping.

N., S., T., S. and S. dance what seems a formal  classic dance

was a bit chaotic. Kids didn't follow Sara's instructions well.

Face dance
Silvia explains het arm hurst and that she can't dance. Kids were quite good in noticing what facial expressions Silvia showed them.
Kids were fascinated by Silvia's face dance. Even A. was very quiet.
Big R. had small R. on his lap. Very touching to see.

Couple dance
Kids seem to enjoy actives like this. What strikes me every time with similar activities is, that none of the kids have problems being touched or be close to someone else. Even when a boy and a girl dance together, it doesn't bother them, looks quite natural. No shyness or self conciousness.

3. falling in love and infatuation
Haveyou ever been infatuated with someone?
15 min
A.: feels love
N. is shy when she likes a boy
E. is confused
A.: panics, is afraid something happens to the boy she likes, feels nervous. Wants to feel loved back
E.: doesn't like the feeling
F. and F.: love makes your heart beats faster. (F. gets annoyed with F., because she repeated what he said. He asks why she always has to copy what others say and do. F. reacts angry)
T.: makes her feel doubtful
S.: love makes her happy

6. delivery of the diplomas
15 min

General during session:
A. slept at first, after he woke up he left, didn't want to talk.
Other kids were preparing backdrop for upcoming Nutcracker ballet
Kids were fighting a lot during the session.
A. is very disruptive, joins at first but gets annoyed she he has to follow what the others do. He is disturbing everybody. Occasionally he participates with the activities.
S. lies on the table for the first 30 minutes. She is sad because Sara is leaving.

Photo courtesy of Elisabetta Zavoli

Report of the training of trainers, December 3rd, 2013

Report of the training of trainers held at KDM on December 3rd, 2013

Uut, Agus, Lena, Ipung, Natalia, Nancy

Silvia, Sara

While waiting for everybody to arrive, Sara plays some music.
Ibu Ipung is fully absorbed by the music. 

- gym to wake up (see video)
3 minutes

- Marco polo wandering, dance and music
2 minutes

- Silvia briefly introduces herself
5 minutes

- Silvia briefly explains the tasks for the workshop
2 minutes

- Silvia leads the workshop on body as a territory, to support the ibus in help the kids growing in their body awareness
45 minutes

exercise, holding hands and lean backwards. Have to make sure partner and you stay balanced.
- Teachers say it's not so easy. One says it makes her a bit afraid. All say this is a trust exercise. 

Make space (big and small) around each others bodies, with our arms, legs, face, breath.
Make space around groups of people, also use voice while making space around others.
-Teachers are having fun with this exercise.

Walking around and saying 'I love you' (with loving expression face) to everyone you meet, with hugs.
Then say "no" to everyone you meet: you have to try to touch someone, but don't want to be touched yourself.
Become a very strong person, show the person you meet that you are tough and strong.
- Everybody is good at expression love-rejection, but L. is the best in expressing that she is strong. 

Expressing that things are too difficult, being powerless, without energy
Want to stay alone
being angry with other people..
- L. and U. express very well
Silvia tries to get L. up and come with her, she rejects her. The she tris to take N.'s chair, gets pushed away. Then tries to take U.'s chair, but gets rejected too.
I. looks sad and depressed

Exercise kick, punch etc
Change movements with emotions, angry strong, sad weak movements, sad face
Voice exercises: Tapping body etc
Teachers are very focused on this exercise.

Question: Can they use exercises in class?

Make kids focus, transfer energy. Even useful for teachers themselves. Useful when kids destructive and disruptive. Sometimes teachers are stressed with the kids, take time to act out  ( teachers and students)
If the kids are tired from studying, maybe they can use a song with the movements. ipung

A. her kids listen well, she is quite strict. Kids are like robots, they do what she tells them.
U., says she can use the exercise. Depends on the teacher if exercise is effective. Also her class not serious, they laugh about everything.

I. asks if there are exercises that maybe too dangerous for the kids.
Silvia says it's up to the judgement of the teacher to decide. But trust games ( hanging backwards while holding hands or falling backwards and partner catch). Maybe better suitable for kids 7 years and up.


snack time


We Made 2 groups of 3. 
2 persons operate arms on a person sitting in chair.
L. likes I. movement
A. feels like dancing with someone she loves
N. and I. feel like pinocchio

jumping the rope (about emotions: fear, embarassment, decision, failure, joy.)
The task of this game is to make feel joy even in the failure: the objective is not to succeed but to try)
5 minutes
Testing the limit.
Good for kids who are afraid to learn.
Important to try, not success.

---Room is a bit too small , but teachers get what the exercise means: to try is more important than to succeed.---

Anger and understanding

Talking about:
- the experience of anger leads to a desire of revenge
- the desire of revenge doesn't diminish until we realize to be angry and until we can release our anger: it can last for years
- to feel/express anger involve feelings of power, control on others and also guilt and shame
- only the will of let the revenge go, and/or forgiveness can solve this situation
- the forgiveness can happen only if we try to understand the emotional situation of those who inflicted the sorrow/pain.

5 minutes

Game on transformation

- divide in couples, one tells situations of her life that Made her change, the Times that made a transformation in their life (a death, a birth, a conversion, etc).
Start from when you were a baby until now
Tell it in 5 minutes to your mate.

- the mate listen only.
When the story finishes she starts to invent a fairy tale with those situations.
And read it to the made. And asks: do you recognize yourself in this story?

- we ask: who would like to make a short drama with her fairy tale? You can decide who will be the actors/characters.
30 min

U. and I.
One day a girl named x, wholikes to wear red, wanted to go into forest.
Her parents disagreed. X said she is very brave, so her parents said it's ok.
X went into the forest and faced the animals.
She she came out safely

Story by N.
One day there was a big moon in the sky and very silvery and white.
The moon is very proud to shine all night in the dark.
But the moon is alone in the dark sky.
The moon looks around and sees other planets and they are having fun together. They have sparkling things around them.
The moon said i shine bright enough and don't need others to shine.
Eventually she feels a bit bad and scratches her head. A hair like a beam came off and it turns into a star.
The moon takes care of the small star and plays and has fun.
After a while she scratches her head again and another star came off.
She wasnt alone anymore and went on many adventures with her stars

Ibu A. is the moon, L. and U. are the playing planet.
N. is the first star that A. makes. I. is the second star

- applause in a circle
3 min
They are excellent in receiveng and thanking for compliments.

Photo courtesy of Elisbetta Zavoli

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Report of the activities held at KDM on November 29th, 2013


20 kids


N., N., U., S., S.

what we need:

2 plastic glasses 
2 buckets with water 
1 bottle
20 straws 
1 funnel 


1 - Song: "Ibu punya 
lima kucing
putih dan merah
diblakan pintu"

Kids like it. They sing it with anger, fear, sadness, happiness. They follow Sara's expressions of the emotions quite well after a while (with a little encouragement of Silvia.)

2 - Silvia make them feel how the body reacts to sadness.
Pretend our hands are as butterflies.
Different body movements with emotions while calling "kupukupu" (voice expresses different emotions as well.)

3 - Game on hand on hand (and other part of the body), walking, in couples, in the circle (folk dance)
The kids like to dance while keeping contact with their partner.

4 - Play  Albinoni's Adagio's.

We asked:
- how did you react? what you feel in your body?
- when was the last time you have been sad?
Which are the feeling related to feeling gloomy (left out, down, disappointed, burdened, invisible, stuck, unhappy, undeserving, Depressed, heavy hearted, miserable, mournful, glum, morose, heartbroken)?

Sad: A., F.
Sleepy: M., T.
D. misses his father
F. : feels like after a beating

They then shared a recent sad story:

D. misses his father, he is crying now.
R. feels weak and wants to cry
E. thinks of her uncle who passed away after a car hit him.
R. cries when sad. He says he's sad when his parents fight.
T. feels cramp in body when she is sad.
E. makes herself clam on her bed. Punches doll.
R., reacts angry

Some say they are missing their parents.

Sara explains that sadness sometimes is hidden behind anger.    

D. and S. are very sad. They cry for their father.
Both in corner but eventually D. joins activities again.
E. is also crying for some reason, doesn't want to say why.

At this point we tried to let the kids cry, and express their feeling, but at the same time we sweetly took them to another, smoother, emotion.

4 - Game: "save Silvia"
Happiness potion must be given to Silvia who is very sad.
They have to bring one glass of water each to Silvia and fill a bottle with a funnel. Little by little Silvia will feel better until the last glass will be poured, and then she will be very happy.
To fill the bottle they have to:
-Pass under Sara's tunnel without bending the back
- walk with both arms up until they reach Silvia and pour the potion to make her happy.

We divided them in 3 groups, and asked to compete with the time, not among the groups.

They really liked this game. It looks like the combination of competition and teamworks works quite good for the kids.

5 - Game small ball
Sara hands out pretend small ball.
E. and S. pretend there is something wrong with S.'s ball.
R., E., A., M., I., R. hide under the table.
Other kids enjoy the game.
T. and S. throw ball at each other.

I. fell at the beginning of the session, and hurted his arm.

-- snack --

A. was upset after snack, because he was told off.

Sara plays Vivaldi spring

S. listens with his eyes closed.
I., M.,E., E. under table.
A. claps with the music and teases S.. She snaps him away. He is trying to disturbing others.

Stories kids make up about what they feel when listening to the music.
S. in a boat
A. fishing
R. dance
D. play piano
R. playing computer wargames
T. at friend's house
F. remembers nutcracker dance
R. in a boat

6 - Balloon game with happyness blow
(divide in couples, giving a straw to each couple)

E. doesnt want to join. She looks angry. But when Sara gives her a straw, she takes it anyway.
A. tries to break the straw. He is angry, throws it away and wants a new one. We try to explain to him that his straw works fine for this game, but he does't accept it. When we tell him he does't get a new one, he picks up his straw and joins any way in the game.
The rest of the kids participate.

They really like it. Cheer when their friend is inflated.


Group persahabatan
F., A., E., A., R.
Group of friends play. E. sleeps. A. starts to fight. F. interferes, they end with a song how to be good friends.

Group 2
S., D., F., F., A., A., T.
(School. T. is teacher. Gives math exercise.
D. makes jokes.
S. is the leader of the kids. Helps the other with exercise together with D.)
F. and F. are sad because they cant do the exercise.
They feel better after S. explains things to them and they understand.

Group 3
E., I., S., R., T., N., R.
(S. is the leader. He makes the story and divides the roles when the others are stuck. The girls arent taking any initiative.
E. says he wants to do a sketch alone. E. sits, head in head. )
3 friends ignore E., he's not fun. Push him away. R., N. , I., ask E. why he cries. He explains he's not allowed to play with the others.
They call the 3 others and ask why they push E. away. The 3 kids ask forgiveness.

End with a song
Musica musica
They follow well ( original group). New group likes to learn it.
They follow quite well.
They ask the meaning of the song.

Name song
The kids asked to sing also the "names" song.
S. dances to show the others the movements.

A dear thank you to the persons who supported Silvia Gribaudi's arrival

We wish to thank the sponsors who allowed the internationally renowned choreographer and performer Silvia Gribaudi to come to Jakarta, to enhance the body emotional awareness of KDM street kids,contributing for the costs of the flight ticket and health insurance:

Silvia Nardino and family
Mara Loi and Alberto Ceccolini
Daniel and Nessie
Rita Rinci
Estu Susanto
Manuela Oehms
Chisako Uwabo
Shuhei Uwabo
Marina Maeda
Silvia Crespo and Dirian Mejia
Fidelis Sadicon
Elisabetta Zavoli
Mauro Scotti
Jan Kees Baijens
Lillianne ten Houten
Duncan and Susanne
Florence and Gijs van Zalk
Michele Zaccheo and Rachel
Nancy Fox

Thank you!

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Report of the activities at Kdm held on November 28th

Report of the activities of Nov. 28th, at Kdm
Feeling Threatened


Trainers: S., U., N., N.

Kids: I., R., R., S., E., S., S., A., S., T., A., F., A., R., N., E.

We asked them to sit in a circle and asked them about the previous day (they remembered mostly the games).
We explained that N. and S. are not able to participate today.
While talking, some noise is heard from outside.

S. scary mask, N. Dracula teeth and wild hair.
Kids shocked, but love it. 
F. cried, frightened. U. said one other child hugged her.

Introduction of feeling threatened.

S. and Sara go through different moods of music and dance.
Kids response very good, they follow S.'s emotional expressions.
S. asks questions about body experience with emotions. 

The big kids (the girls) don't really like to express the emotion of fear, anxiety.
Stay in the back.

Music, Sanvido Bordone 3

Kids listen very carefully
Even A. is focused.
How do you feel?

They said: sad, like to dance, gloomy, mourning, Sara is angry, heart broken, walking in the garden with sad music, wondering about the future, cry.

Then they make a drama on the music:

Group 1.
F., S., A., A., F.
There has been an accident. A. and F. are on the floor. They are carried away by the other girls.

Group 2.
S., A., E., F., A., R.
R. and F. are guarding the princess (E.). The other boys come in, try to kill the guards and took the princess away. S. is the horse that carries the princess away, A. is the kidnapper. R. and F. follow the kidnappers and take the princess back.

Emotion felt by the audience: frustrated, annoyed.

Group 3.
E., R. (they were in group 3, but they don't like it because the girls are too bossy. At first they didn't want to do any drama, but when I proposed they can do it together, they were happy)
E. wears the barony mask, he is a ghost. R. sleeps, E. enters the room and sits on R.. R. dies.

Group 4.
S., N., T. are bullies.
S., R, are beaten up by the girls. they hold each others' hands and go back (with N.) to confront the girls about their behaviour.

Afraid of the 3 girls.


Play with the coloured paper. 
kids participate well. 
End: make a mountain of the coloured paper.

They pretend to become a mountain, feel strong and tall.
Start from the base and slowly rise up. N. and S. not so interested.

End throwing the coloured paper around, like a volcano.

Sara sings "musica musica song" and the name song with the kids.

Report of the activities at Kdm held on November 27th

Report of the workshop at KDM, November 27th, 2013:

Feeling Stormy

A ball 
9 carton boxes 
a hula hoop 
the banner of emotions 
the violin 
a rope

Trainers: I., N., N.

Kids: R., F., A., S., A., F., A., E., R. I., A., S., S., T., R., N., E., I., S.
Games to warm up and know each others:

1 -ball name, how do you feel and game on treating the ball according to your
introduction names and feelings.
New group a bit shy. The big girls seem to be more self concious than the boys. The boys are more expressive. Only E. is quite expressive. 

Bang game
They like it. Still little confused. Bigger new kids seem to catch up quite fast.

Playing Vivaldi Thunderstorm.
- Introduction of  Feeling stormy:
annoyed: kesal
irritated: jengkel
upset: terganggu
hurt: terluka
impatient: tidak sabar
frustrated: frustasi / kecewa
aggravated: disakiti / dijengkelkan
bothered: terganggu
unloved: tidak dicintai
discouraged: patah hati / patah semangat
neglected: ditelantarkan
rejected: ditolak
put down: diremehkan / dihina / dicela
bitter: getir
resentful: tersinggung

How did you feel?
They answered: sad, fight, the father fighting with other people, war, a scene with a car accident with lot of panic, A child playing music for Kdm anniversary, a mum sending her child away, Somebody lost in the forest.
They also added: someone to the beach, in middle of sea boat is sinking eaten by shark; being a ninja, going with a went with friend boat. Huge wave, only one survives.

We then pretended to be in the boat and defend ourselves against the pirate with the music live played as a background.
They don't really do anything, chaotic.

We then performed a drama:
Two kids meet, N punches U while passing
U retaliates, they end up fighting
Kids tell what they see, what U must feel.
Take turns to separate and resolve the conflict
In the end, N has to explain why she pinched U
The reason because she felt neglected by U the other they, they both apologise

Kids are very responsive

A. cooperates very well. 
A. doesn't want to do anything, wants to be carried by Sara

Groups, drama similar situation
They're very enthusiastic in practicing

1. S., F., I., R., A.,
F. and A. make nasty comments about the other kids' clothes, pushing each other and end in fighting.
Fight ends because S. interferes with suggestions of I.. He asks why they fights and if they can make it up. He feels a bit uncomfortable..In the end, F. hugs, says he's sorry.

2. S., S., N., F., R.
N. tries to take S. boyfriend (R.). S. is jealous and angry. S. asks what's happened, S. explains, N. feels sorry.

3.  School,R. 2 is teacher.
students: E., A., A., E., T.
Students say good morning to teacher. Then they start teasing each other. A. takes notebook E., fight. roll over the floor. whole class interferes and tell E. and A. to be friends again.

Repetition of Roleplay U. and N..
N. passes U. and pinches her.
u. is upset, tries to pinch back, they end up fighting and screaming. until Sara call stop.
Ask the kids what they see. Some of the kids blame U. for the fight.
We repeated several times.
Kids start to understand N. started the fight by pinching U..
Sara asks when a fight will end if people keep seeking revenge on each other
the kids understand it will never end.
Then we ask, what a good way would be to stop a fight. U. should ask why N. pinches her.
Nancy tells she feels neglected by Uut, because the other day she didn't want to play with her.
U. apologies and says that was not her intention. N. apologises too.
Discuss about it and try to get the following from them:

What do we learn?
- The experience of anger brings along the desire of vengeance (dendam).

When is the desire of vengeance estinguished?
- The desire of revenge doesnt diminish, unless we realize that we are angry, and until we are able to release anger. It can last for years.

How do you feel when you are angry?
- we feel strong, powerful but also guilty and ashamed

How can we feel better, if we are angry?
Only stopping desiring revenge, or forgiving (pengampunan) can solve this situation

How can we forgive others?
- we can really forgive only if we can understand why the ones who made us feel bad behaved in that way (their emotional background).

Can you tell a episode of somebody forgiving?

6 - Rhythmical circle, kids follow well. Seem to enjoy

- snack time -

9 - the boxes: three boxes each group of 5,5,6, reach the final line.
Count how much time: they are one group (no competition, cooperation).
Kids liked the game. All 3 groups seem to cooperate well with each other.
All groups tried to win by throwing the empty box far ahead and jump into it.

7-  Learning to say "no".
In couples: one says "you have to do what I say!" the other replies "No."
They have to keep on saying it, insisting as in real life.
Who says "no" must try not to get angry.
Show them an example with N..
Kids were really into it. They liked to get worked up and end up yelling the other kid 'you have to do what I say'. 

5 - Game on accepting, ignoring or refusing other people.
Walk around the room, randomly, and whenever you feel like, when you meet somebody you can:
   - open your arms and smile
   - close your arms seriously
   - look somewhere else ignoring who is in front of you

It is important to explain that this is only an excercise with nothing to do with personal likes or dislikes.
It is an excercise helping us to cope what happens daily when we meet people. Ask them how they felt.

First try: they don't understand, all hug each other.
2 nd try, better. The bigger girls seem to find it difficult to deal with rejection. They pushed and hit some of the other kids when they were rejected. They also moved around while staying close to each other.

We asked: how did you feel?

Rejected, sad, annoyed, shy, angry, ignored, upset, heartbroken, feel hot inside

8 - Learning to say "yes".
Two circles, one inside and one facing them, outside.
The two groups rotate with the music and when music stops who is facing the other will cry, opening their arms, "Yes!"
E. didn't like it. She looked not happy. 
The other kids participated well.


Extra contents:

- how can we deal with anger?

* step away from your anger and distract yourself for a while so that you do not make decisions that are simply based on emotion. Taking deep breaths can be very relieving.

* Use "I" statement  to describe what you are feeling rather than blame or point out the faults of someone or something else (so, if someone pushes you in the lunch line, instead of saying "you are a jerk" you might instead say "I dont like being pushed".

* Figure out a safe way to express your anger in a way that doenst hurt anyone or anything.

* Always try to speak in a voice that is not too loud or sarcastic. An angry tone of voice makes it impossible for the other person to hear what you are saying because they will only hear the anger, not your words.

* talk to someone about your angry feelings - even to a pet or a doll.

* stand-up for yourself. Knowing that anger is a self-protective response, next time someone teases you, realize that you are angry because you were put down and hurt, take a deep breath, and try to stay calm. Even if you simply say that you dont appreciate being teased, then, at least, the focus would be on the person who made the comment, rather then on your angry response.

"Kalau sampai waktuku
Kumau tak seorang 'kan merayu
Tidak juga kau
Tak perlu sedu sedan itu!
Aku ini binatang jalang
Dari kumpulannya terbuang
Biar peluru menembus kulitku
Aku tetap meradang menerjang
Luka dan bisa kubawa berlari
Hingga hilang pedih peri
Dan aku akan lebih tidak peduli
Aku mau hidup seribu tahun lagi!"

Translations of Aku:

When my time has come
I want none to compliment me
Not even you
I don't need that sniveling!
I'm but a wild animal
From an exiled group
Even if bullets pierce my skin
I will still enrage and attack
Wounds and poison I'll take running
Until the pain leaves
And I will care even less
For I will live a thousand more years