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Report of the activities held at KDM on March 13th, 2014

March 13th, 2014 - Report


Self-conscious feelings:

Blamed, uncovered, uncomfortable, hesitant, confident, dishonored, confused, exposed, satisfied, ashamed, fulfilled, awkward, humiliated, inhibited, special



Kids: 12 kids of the Yellow class


Educators: Sara, Nancy, Susanne, UliSotar,Jolande


Cello player: Christy Oscar



Guitar (Sara)

Violin (Sara)

- 30 faces to be colored (Nancy)

Sheets and pens and colors (Natalia)

A ball/something funny to throw (Nancy)



   Ask them to draw the faces according to their actual mood

5 min



  Teach them the new song:


"dihina dan malu-malu  ragù-ragù yakin  ragù-ragùyakin

dihina dan malu-malu ragù-ragù yakin seganbingung

diper-malukan kikuk disalakhan puas yakin spesialpuas yakin spesial

diper-malukan kikuk disalakhan puas yakin spesialpuas yakin"


(Meaning: "humiliated and inhibited, hesitant, confident

humiliated and inhibited, hesitant, reticent, confused

dishonored, awkward, blamed, satisfied, confident, special

dishonored, awkward, blamed, satisfied, confident)

This is a way to teach them a wider vocabulary to express themselves.


The kids were a bit confused; they said: it's difficult to follow.

(But at the end they very much liked the song).


We then taught them how to breathe together.

10 min


Kids displayed more engagement during this exercise.


• quick Introduction of Christy quickly, and then she started playing Bach Bouree I and II.


Christy introduced herself and the kids askedquestions.

10-15 min


Everybody listened very carefully while Christy was playing. They observed every movement.

Especially Ar seemed absorbed into the music.

During the question round, they asked her many questions, from how long she’s been practicing” tohow old she is and how long her education takes.


Question: how violin and cello are different?

All kids were genuinely interested and they made remarks while asking questions. 


Christy, played Bach a second time, and thekids had to write/draw what they thought she was feeling.

5 min

 See attachments: drawings

All of them agreed there are parts in the music that are happy, sad, or even a bit scary.


° TANPA PERASAAN (Impassive game)


Christy played again and the kids had to try to distract her from her playing, but she had to continue.

2 min


In first place the kids were a bit shy, they didn't really know what to do. 

After a few minutes, especially when thier teacher Uli started to play too,  they started to have more fun, they moved in a circle around Christy in order to make funny faces. But they still looked awkward.

E and Al hid behind the tables, they didn't want to join.






5 min


° Song "Dihina..." with two voices (Canon)

Kids seemed to enjoy the song more now.


Sara played the song Beautiful - Cherry Bell, orJangan Menyerah, and subsequently she mademistakes, she apologized, and then we asked:what is Sara feeling?

(Ashamedblamedembarrassed, angry on myself)

And what will she feel if she plays well and you all enjoy the music?

(Proud, happy, confident, special, fulfilled, etc.)

5 min


Kids observed carefully, they had fun to guess the feeling.



• One of the self-conscious feelings on the banner has been picked and they made a drama on something that happened to them.



We tried to divide them in three groups of 4 kids.

15 min


1. AlEDeL

E and L are a coupleAl comes in and chats. De throws stuff at E and L and he starts teasing them.

Show: feeling special (boy/girlfriend), confused (who's throwing things at them)



2. ArDiTJolande

ArDi and T are the audience. Jolande is a pianist, but while she is playing the kids shouted and covered their ears. Jolande walked away embarrassed.


3. SSyNI

Sy and N sat on a bench

I and S checked the work they've done. Sy got a compliment, but N got shouted at.

They subsequently left, but I had forgot her phone.N took it and she hid it.

They checked Sy and N's pockets. N is very embarrassed.



Sharing of 'shame' story

Talked about shame, and that you can laugh at yourself

Sara shared an ashamed situation with them and she explained how she had coped.

She asked Natalia or Sotar if they wanted also to share.

5 min

Sara, Sotar, Nancy shared a story. 


Relax in circle: remembering the feeling of pride; Associate a gesture to that feeling; when you feel discouraged or humiliated, recover the gesture and feeling of that moment.

De: When during soccer match he made a good shot he got a compliment





Ball and compliments game

5 min

E: smiled

Al: likes laughing

L: nice smile

S: funny

T: when they tease her she shouts

Nancy: likes laughing

Dian: expressive

Jolande: makes everyone happy

I: she's very welcoming, I remembered her name

Becky: likes playing with the little ones

N: beautiful smile

Uli: beautiful

Di: responsible

Sara: makes everyone happy


The session today was very intense and at the same time cheerful and participated.

Cellist miss Christy Oscar playing Bach for the kids, March 13th, 2014

The kids were drawing the emotions that they saw on miss Christy's face, while she was playing Bach.

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Video by UNTV on the project is online!

The video shooted by the United Nations television is online!

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Report of the activities held on March 6th, 2014 at KDM

Theme of the day: Emotions provoked by being either impolite or polite


Participants: 12 kids of the Yellow class

Trainers: Sara, Nancy, Susanne, Uli, Jolanda


Materials needed:

- 10 hats (Nancy)

Violin (Sara)

- 18 pieces of paper and pencils (Nancy)

Banners (U)

- Emoticons to color at the beginning and at the endof the session


- Nancy had to invent the choreography of the first part of the Qua qua Dance.


* * *

* Warming up game, detangling knot

5 min

They liked the game, even though the "energy" level of the group was not high at the beginning of the session. Some of the kids appeared to be tired or worried.



*  Impolite game:

Divide them in two groups and tell the first group to be impolite and the second group to be polite. Put the hat on the impolite kids.

Played music and walked pretending to be on the street; when music stopped they interacted with the closer person in their given way:


Cannot say bad words

Cannot hurt themselves or ruin things

The polite persons will react politely

reminded them that this is just a game.

5 min


* Swap roles

5 min

The first 2 attempts didn't work, it was a bit chaotic. At the third attempt, we made groups of 2 (one polite, one not), and that worked much better.

Then, they switched roles.

During the 4th attempt, we arranged the kids into 2 rows (they had to exchange roles being polite/impolite), this worked very well. Roles of the different characters were clearer to the kids. 

There was a lot of touching: slapping/jokingly pushing


Mini Drama in pairs, exchanged roles from situation 1: one person polite, the other one impolite.


* Sat down, introduced Jolanda, and asked what they had felt while being both impolite and polite (irritation, anger, fear, revenge, sadness, depend on the person and on my mood, annoyed, bothered, disappointed)


Drama: Divided them in pairs and asked them to act a real situation out in which they were impolitetowards someone or somebody was impolitetowards them.

20 min


What do we feel when people are not polite to us?

Ek (paired with Di): He didn't like it when Di was teasing him. He was annoyed

Dihe felt worried 


Em (paired with L): she became angry when Lmocked her

L: irritated

Then they were polite to each other. Some of the boys said that “polite is boring.


I (paired with JolandeJolande was trying to make friends with II didn't want to because she didn't know Jolande


De: annoyed and happy. Happy because impolitecan be turned into polite. He wasn’t happy because polite can be turned into impolite.


U: got irritated with impolite people


A: didn’t like impolite people, he got annoyed


T: in the drama she got pushed into getting a nap. She didn't like it.


Sy: felt annoyed


Jolandeshe was not happy. She doesn't like herself when she is impolite.


What emotion do they feel when they're impolite?


I: annoyed

Ar: annoyed

S: annoyed

A: as usual

Ek: not happy

- Susanne: angry with other person and not happy with herself

Di: disturbed

Em: annoyed

L: annoyed, uncomfortable

- Sara: sad, but in beginning powerful



2 situations were written down:

When people are polite towards you.
When people are impolite towards you.

Ibu U read and kids have to guess. They liked this game. A lot of cheering when they guessed correctly. Find below their writings.




* Dance 

On "ballo del qua qua" music, they had to follow Nancy doing impolite movements during the first part of the music, and they had to dance in pairs nicely on the second part.


impolite movement
4 beats
4 beats
4 beats



4 beats
4 beats
4 beats


A-B: repeat the same movements


C: danced together hooking their arms, rotating and swapping partner


Twice the whole thing.

The kids had a lot of fun. When the music went faster they had to laugh when they tried to keep up.


* A Toss Up

A game  in order to help teens to get to know one another. 

The number of questions per participants was checked so it was for all the sameThey tried to include questions about a favorite color, ideal vacation spot or future career choice, and cut each question out and then they were taped to a large ball. The group was asked to stand in a circle and then toss the ball to a member within the group. The group member should have answered one of the questions, thenremoved it from the ball and then tossed the ball to a new member. The process was repeated until everyone had answered a question.

They seemed to like this game. The only problem was that they read the questions before pick one. Next time we should stick questions so that they can't read them.

U: What makes you scared? *Heights

De: What makes you laugh? * Funny videos

R: Where would you like to go on holiday? *Bali

Ek: What work would you like to do in the future?*Farmer

Di: What is your favourite smell? *Perfume

T: What is your favourite colour? *Black

Sy: What is your favourite sport? *Soccer

L: What is your favourite animal? *cat

I: What is special about her? * she can study well

S: Does she bite pencils? * yes

Em: Who is your favourite superhero? *batman

Ar: What would you do when you were invisible for 1 day? *play at warnet



 Sara then played the bumble-bee flight, by Rimsky-Korsakov, on her violin (but we didnt tell them the title of the music).


What did they feel when listening to the music?

Em: stand in front of a cave. She is scared

Di :bees chased him

S: made a mistake, she is helped by someone but still scared

Ar: chased by people

U: stuck in traffic and in a hurry. When the music eases it's like having a break

T: drowning in the sea

Ek: in a train, the police is chasing him

I: confused

R: scary music. He plays at sea, he wants to swim but is scared of the waves

L: chased by a dog

Sy: climbs on a mountain and goes very fast down


Sara explained the theme of the day: polite/impolite

Sara explained with a smile that the music, The Flight Of The Bumblebee” can be annoying as much as unpolite behaviours could be to us.


Dance in pairs: 1 bumblebee, one person. While Sara played the violin, the person chased the bumblebee and when the music stopped, the bumblebee dropped down.

They had a lot of fun with this exercise.




The kids were very particular in picking a colourpencil frocolouring the emoticons and writing down stuff.

Some of them didn't want to take a pencil that I offered, but they wanted to pick another colour.`


Result of the Emoticons (how they were feeling at the beginning and then at the end of the workshop):

A: 1: smile (he only joined 1st part session, later exchanged with R)

Ariq: 1. Happy (coloured in green, middle part open). 2. Happy (purple, middle part open)

De: 1. Unhappy. 2. Happy

Ek: 1. Happy. 2. Happy

Entis (Sy). 1. Happy. 2. Neutral (with eyes closed, last emoticon)

I. 1. Happy. 2. Neutral (with eyes closed, last emoticon)

T. 1. Happy. 2. Unhappy

Ema. 1. Neutral (emoticon 5), 2. Angry

L. 1. Happy. 2. Unhappy

Di. 1. Unhappy. 2. Angry

S. 1. Angry. 2. Happy



Kids on situations polite/impolite people:

One day I met a person who wasn’t nice, because he threw rambutans at me
And one day I met a good person, he/she gave me ice


I've beaten good people on the streets and in the KDM, and said bad words.
I've met a good person on the streets. I came from the train and fell on the ground. A good person helped me out.


Once, I met a bad person who bullied me. I felt like I should have taken my revenge, but Ididn’t want to.
Once my book fell downa nice person who always helps me gave it to me.


I'm annoyed because I talk to that person who teased me off. The person was not nice andS/he was impatient. So I’m annoyed..
I’m happy because I can meet nice people when they say they understand. Good people like helping and respecting their friends.


One Sunday morning I met other children singers who beat me up.
One afternoon I met a man on the streets who gave me food.


Once I met a nice person who liked helping meout with a clean up task
Once I met an awful person who bullied me when I was happy.



Once, when I went home I didn’t have any money and someone gave me a lift in the car
A row in the classroom is dirty


When I met buskers and beggars they forcedme to give them money in the city bus
Once I met someone who needed help with the car when it suddenly had stopped in the middle of the road.


I met a nice person who shared nasi with me and my friends and other people who difficultly shares with others.
I met a very bad person. I was on the streets and that person had harassed me. I also met a bad person at KDM


Once, I met a good person, but I was only a bit happy because that person didn’t have a big temper. That person hit me, but not too hard.
Once I met a good person, and I helped him/her. He/she helped me in everything I did.


I met a nice person at KDM who helped me when my sandals were on top of the roof.
I met a bad person on the streets who annoyed me. That person hit me (with car/motor?) when I was walking on the street.


Once I met a bad person who stressed me out. That person liked hitting others. Every time I saw that person, I had ran away because I was afraid.
I met siblings when I was on the streets. It was fun to go out together.