Sunday, March 16, 2014

Meeting with the kids participating to the Soccer World Cup for street children in Rio de Janeiro

Plan for the session on cultural diversity and respect.

1. Start with video World Cup Streetkids 2014. Sotar said it's possible to make the room dark.
5 min

2. Put name stickers on everyone. Only educators will introduce themselves.
(With the funny role play singing a typical Dutch/ Italian song or saying things in funny way:
The kids can guess
5 min

3. Rhythm circle (cancel clock game)
5 min

Sing Indonesia Raya

4. Expectations: Sotar will provide big board. Kids will write down on post-its a sentence (or more if they want), what their expectations are. 
15 min

5. Show video-pictures about cultural diversity. 
Discuss diversity
10 min

6. Roleplay
Divide in 5 groups – 5 leaders speaking bahasa
first collect what they already know
then give materials about the countries

Brazil: carnaval dancing, very open, high tone of voice, much emotion, fantasy soccer, Christian religion
Kenya: percussion, open, loud, fast, Christian religion
India: more internalise emotions, lots of respect for the other, no touch, softer tone of voice, kind , polite, smile, Hindu-muslim
England: direct, drinking alcohol, loud, more individualist, technical soccer player, multi faith.
 US: voice tone, confident, ambitious, everything is very big, christian

20 min

7. Expression
Show video on how different cultures greet each other.
Greetings: bow , hugging, shaking hands, kisses
- clashes of culture when greeting in different ways

Groupwork: same 5 groups. Discuss greeting, make drawing-story. Groupleader presents.
20 min

- Non verbal communication/ How to behave (reserve more time)
: play to laugh at people, wisper, to point, meaning of handsign/ bodylanguage.
 make scenes roleplay example:
1. Comparing skin color (indonesians do it a lot), reaction of the other person to that.

2. act as Indian eating with their hands and others will play the Indians laughing at the English kids eating with their forks and spoon.

3. Loud shouting to a friend: 2 different ways, nice, not nice

4. Gesturing to someone to come to you: indonesians do it differently than people from other countries.

- Finish with Ya Sudalah (ask for speakers at KDM). We skip the rap part of the song.
See first what the mood is, if they're ok, we do a circle dance, otherwise just sing in the circle. ( Nancy will start a coreography in a cirlce, and then each kid will propose a movement that the others will copy.)

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