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Report of the activities held on Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 at KDM

Report Wednesday 30 April


Participants: 14 kids of the Yellow class


Trainers: Sara, Susanne, Sotar, Ulie, Mara, Benedetta



Post-it and pens for 20 kids (Sotar)
20 balloons (Susanne)
Sound of clashing glasses (Sara)
Guitar (Sara)
Notebook to take notes to prepare the report (Sotar) 




Deliver Emoticons


1) Mouse and cat game

5 min


They loved it.  The mood was good.


2) Sotar and Ulie made a drama on a difficult situation to talk about:

If they didn’t allow them to go outside, no permission.

The kids wrote on a post-it what they thought about the situation if they were the child (anonymously).

Then we discussed about which thoughts are “helping” andnon-helping


QuestionWhat do you do to feel better?


A: shares with staff
D: asks friends to ran away together
N: bad behaviour towards staff


QuestionWhy are you not allowed to go outside the gate?


1. Because it's dangerous out there

2. There are troubles outside

3. Staff is afraid that kids will be tempted to run away (no trust)

4. Annoyed because no permission to go out and play soccer

5. Perhaps allowed to go out another time

6. Afraid that something bad would happen to the kids

7. Afraid that kids will disappear

8. Fear of bad behaviour. Staff cares about the kids.


Any helpful thoughts:


Perhaps it' dangerous outside
Afraid of car-motor accident outside


R plays soccer outside, but is actually not allowed. (Felt as usual, perhaps a bit anxious outside)


3) DRAMA with the kids:


R wanted to go out to buy snacks.


Annoyed, wanted to climb the wall.
J was afraid that something will happen
S: afraid that snacks from outside aren’t good


Ways for the kids to feel better:


Sharing with a friend
Playing with a friend
Thinking: next time it will be allowed


Sotar thought: "If I went to play outside for a long period of time, the staff of KDM would be concerned, so it’s better if he plays with to feel better."


Drama 2: Sotar, Uly, Susanne 

Susanne arrived and she brought a clothes donation for children. Sotar came in and he wanted them, but he wasn’t allowed.


Non-helpful thoughts by D:


Staff is stingy
Annoyed because he didn’t get anything
Angry, because he didn’t get the nice clothes, but gets the ugly ones
Afraid that he wouldn’t get any nice clothes
Jealous, because he didn’t get the nice clothes


Helpful thoughts by S


Happy because of the donation. Perhaps he couldn't choose any nice clothes now, but maybe later
Annoyed because she didn’t get anything, but she realized that if she had gotten stuff now, it wouldn'thave been fair towards the other kids
Afraid that clothes would have disappeared if shehadn’t got them now


Post-it notes:

- He/she wanted the clothes but the staff didn’t give any to him/her

Staff is stingy, he/she wanted clothes but they didn't give them. Annoyed

Annoyed, he/she thought that he/she was an adult because if they had given the clothes now, he/she wasafraid that they would have disappeared

He/she was jealous. He/she wanted the clothes but he/she hasn’t goany yet

- Angry because the clothes he/she wanted are nice, buthe/she was not allowed to take them

Jealoushe/she might have gotten the clothes but he/she didn’t. It wasn’t the right time


- Sotar was very annoyed. Why couldn't we get theclothes?

- I was afraid that the nice clothewouldn’t have beengiven out. Reason: nobody gets jealous

- Care about the kids.

- Happy because he/she will get nice clothes. But also annoyed because can't have them now

Very annoyed because he/she was not allowed to take the clothes now. Staff said that other kids would be jealous

- Sotar was upset because he couldn't go out

- Annoyed because can't go out. Reason: something bad will happen

Upset because he/she was not allowed to go out. Theyare afraid that he/she would run away

AnnoyedHe/she ran away

Annoyed because he/she wanted to play ball outside

Upset. Reason: afraid he/she would have run away

Cares about kids. Afraid something bad will happen

- Staff afraid that he/she would run away. Confused and annoyed

- Annoyed. Reason: he/she was not allowed to go out because Uly was afraid that Sotar would run away

Annoyed and angry because he/she was not allowed to go out. He/she was afraid that something would happen

AnnoyedAfraid ran away

Annoyed. He/she was not allowed to go out




Dance on Irish theme, 8 steps:

D and most of the kids didn’t focus and they didn’t follow the instructions. Sara decided to stop the activity.


Balloon game (sitting on a balloon, half blown):

At the beginning you felt stressed because you thought that this was going to brake-blow up, body, physical reactions (sweating hands, muscles tight)

Emotion reactions (afraid, insecure).

As soon as you realize that the balloon is not going to brake you feel normal, and even playful.



The way you think influences a lot how you feel physically and emotionally, moreover, it even influences what you do.


A: soft feeling
N: felt nice
M: chewy
TSIL: heart beats was faster
A: heart beats was slower
TLSFe: hands felt tight


Bouncing on balloon:

S: afraid it would burst
A: nice
I: afraid it would burst
L: afraid it would explode
D: comfortable
M: nice


Kids who are afraid the balloon would burst:


Heart beats faster

Sweaty hands

Wanted to hold on to something


If it felt comfortable (because already sit on balloon for awhile):

AD: because they were already used to it

I: because it didn't burst

- J: because the balloon was small

F: already good at sitting on balloon

D: because it felt comfortable


It was the same action that we did: just sitting on the balloon.

When starting, we may be afraid, but after we get used to it, we won’t be afraid anymore. Once we're not afraid, we will start to be braver and press the balloon, because we know that it won't burst.


Glass falling activity

Ulie pretended to sleep when suddenly a strong sound (crash) was heard.

She did it twice:

- Thinking that it's a thief

- Thinking that it's a cat


The way you think influences the way you feel and the way you act.


Asked the kids to take her place and showed what theywould do.


A: 1 afraid, 2 felt normal
J: 1 afraid, 2 normal
I: 1 there was a thief. 2 a cat
S: 1 scared, wanted to call the police but she didn’thave a number 2 felt normal, she went back to sleep
D: 1 panicked, took his hand-phone 2. He woke up, then he went back to sleep
T: 1. Panicked when she woke up. 2 she woke up then she went back to sleep


* Song:

The way you think changes what you feel and what you do


"Cara kamuberpikir,

mengubahapa yang

kamu rasakan dan lakukan

kamu rasakan dan lakukan"

5 min


Musica musica song




Sy: 1. happy, 2.tired
F: 1. very happy, 2. tired
R: 1. happy, 2. tired (and then a word I can't read, see pic)
J: 1. happy, 2. very happy
N: 1. tired, 2. very happy
A: 1. happy, 2. tired
S: 1. tired, 2. happy
D: 1. happy, 2. happy
T: 1. tired and sad, 2. sad (why?)
I: 1. tired and happy, 2. tired and happy
M: 1. tired, 2. tired
Fe: 1. tired, 2. very happy
L: 1. very sad because Nancy isn't there. 2. very sad because Nancy isn't there
D: happy, 2. sore throat


We've noticed that many times some kids are tired.














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