Monday, October 13, 2014

Emotional awareness at Kdm, Jakarta - first session October 9th

Report Session Thursday 9 October 2014

Working together


KDM Children :
1st group: 9am-10.30am. 15 kids

Ball (Nancy)
Posters emotions (Sotar)
Jolanda's board game (Sotar)

1. Introduction and games: 20 minutes

"Introduction Ball game: stand in a circle, shout your name and throw ball at other child.

Roll ball to each other and tell your favourite food

Throw "Piggy" and tell how you feel
They were all happy

Cat and mouse game.
Kids love this game, but it's especially hard for M. to calm down after running.

2. Jolanda's board game: 40 minutes
4 groups

Kids seem to have fun to to the game.

3. Musica Musica song: remaining time

Some observations 1st group:
The children were very excited to see us and to start the activities.

Kids who joined previous sessions:
A., M. and A. kept asking for attention.
M. was very vocal and kept making comments.
A. kept hugging.
A. was active and chatty (compared to last year, when he was lying down during the sessions, didn't want to speak or just disappeared altogether). Surprisingly he came up to Nancy for a hug, something he had never done before.
A. was a bit quiet. Not as chatty as she was last year. I wonder if that is because F. is not in the group anymore?

*Ibu Uut: 
Kids don't know how to show appreciation to their friends. Example: During board game kids were asked to show appreciation to P. and R. and they started 'boo-ing'.
Teach kids consequence good-bad behaviour: any kind of behaviour will trigger a reaction from others.

Perhaps use some of the sessions to focus on these things

2nd group: 11 kids
Joined previous sessions

We had a short session for this group. Introduction game and sing Musica Musica while moving around in a circle.

Introduction: favourite food and feeling today: (some I couldn't hear.)
W.: Feeling: happy
E.: Food: chicken nuggets. Feeling: fresh
T.: happy
L.: food: nasi goreng. Feeling: happy
S.: feeling happy
A.: food: noodles. Feeling: happy
D.: Food: spaghetti. Feeling: happy

Human knot:
Kids love this game. We did it 2x. The new kids were a bit confused at first.

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