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Report of the activities held on February 12th, 2015, at Kdm Jakarta

Report of the activities held on February 12th, 2015, at Kdm Jakarta


Participants: 15 kids



Ibu Uut








Indy had missed the first parts of the session; we were late.


Everybody sang the new opening song.


Nancy has introduced the team including our new member, Indy.

The children are, as usual, very welcoming to new people.


Warming up exercise (Mette and Nancy)

Simon says……..” :

if the instructor starts the sentance with ”Simon says…” asking the children to run, jump, walk, act like a chicken etc, they must only do what they was told to do; if the instructor doesn't start the sentence with ”Simon says...” and the children act the same, then they have to step outside the game.


Indy gave instructions to the children. They participated very well.

M., N. and L. are kept together in a corner. We have to understand why.



Watching the movie ”Bawang Putih. Bawang Merah” with the children in the library (All together)

Talking about:

What happens in the movie. Who are the bad/good characters.


I.  tells what she saw in the movie.


N.: why is Bawang Putig sad: mom is sick, is poisoned by a neighbor. The neighbor marries BP's father and makes work BP all the time. She kills only a friend of BP(a gold fish).


In what way are step sister/mom mean to BP:

I.: BP is tortured by them.


F: mom’s ring is taken. Goldfish got killed. BP said: that is my friend. BM pretends to be BP's friend, until father leaves her.


Why are goldfish and BP friends?

BP helps goldfish, goldfish helps BP to make her life easier.


F.: Goldfish is buried and turns into a magic plant.


Why can BP marry the prince?

S: Prince looks for a medicine for the king. BP gives magic plant to prince to make a potion to make a medicine.


If you were sibling of BP, how would you behave:

F.: I would behave well and we would play together

A: we would be friends with everybody

S: we would play together

M.: we would be friends

D.: we would be good


Finally dancing/singing Musica-Musica (Mara and Benedetta)


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