Sunday, August 30, 2015

Workshop 1: What is it an emotion?

Workshop 1
SOS village, Sarajevo

What is it an emotion?

August 24th, 2015

Workshop 1


SOS village, drustveni center


Main message:

Emotions are necessary for human beings.

There are no good or bad emotions. All the Emotions are useful.


- To start building a trustful team

- What are the emotions?

- Improve and develop vocabulary on emotions

 Tools that we will need:

- a ball (or a bunny/bear easy to hold and soft to throw)

- a guitar

- seven sheets, each with the name of an emotion on it

- banner of emotions (to be hanged at the end of the session)

- banner of golden rules.




- Greetings, introduction of Trainers and workshops

(5 min)

- Song: the emotions (Emocija pjesma):

(For emotional alphabetization)

(10 min)

- Ball name game

(To learn each others names)

(5 min)

- rhythmic circle (led by Sara only)

(To have fun and improve concentration)

(5 min)

- violin: playing the same music in two ways: with or without emotions.

(6 min)

- circle and discussion:

Ask the kids what difference they saw and felt.

Ask what is it an emotion in their opinion.

- ask the kids to name as many emotions as they can, and write it down

(5 min)

- Imagine ignoring your emotions and what they make you feel:

Short dramas:

(10 min)

- ask: do you think there are good and bad emotions?

Or do you think they all are useful for some purpose?

Sara explains:

"You might describe some of your emotions as positive and others as negative, because the ways in which emotions make you feel. 

Emotions are not necessarily good or bad. 

In fact, there are many ways in which those so-called negative emotions are just useful to you as the positive ones."

(5 min)

- game: sara plays a music and each of the kids and trainers run to the emotion they feel

(To develop authenticity and self awareness)

(5 min)

- final song: musica musica song

(5 min)



Sara explains:

"Imagine ignoring your emotions and what they make you feel.

If you did, you would not be disgusted by eating something that was rotten, you wouldn't be scared in front of a hungry lion, and you might not react if a friend would punch you.

You wouldn't even care if someone likes you or about winning a match!

So, one purpose of emotions is to provide you with information about a situation that can help you to respond and make decision."

(20 min)

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