Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Workshop 3: All the emotions can be useful

All the emotions can be useful.
Understanding each other emotions makes the communication much more effective.

August 26th, 2015

Workshop at SOS village Sarajevo - n. 3

Main messages:

1) emotions provide very important informations in our communications

2) all the emotions are useful


- improve team trust and intimacy

- Improve and develop vocabulary on emotions

- improve self esteem

- improve creativity/authenticity


- Song of the emotions (Emocija pjesma)

(5 min)

- mouse And cat game

(To let them express their energies)

(5 min)

- walking with emotions

Anger, fear, tired, hungry, sleeping, scared, happy, worry, nervous, sad, in a hurry, nervous, happy, full stomach satisfaction, feeling good, satisfied

- game "how do you feel today" (walking accordingly to your mood);

(For emotional awareness)

(5 min)

- Game: London bridge 

(To let them play and get tired)

(5 min)

- rhythmical circle (with emotions)

(5 min)

- Focusing and slowing down excercise (If needed, to improve focusing):

Walking slowly,

slowing down to feel ourselves do something normal in a extraordinary way

ask the kids to walk very very slowly, being aware of each single movement of their body.

( 5 minutes).

- Listening game: 

(To start focusing)

all sitting in a circle. One outside make some noise, and stops nearby one kid: when he listen to it, they exchange roles.

(5 min)

- what do you remember from yesterday and before yesterday?

1) There are no good or bad emotions. All the Emotions are useful. 

2) emotions provide very important informations in our communications

Divide them in two groups and ask to make a drama about n. 1 and n.2


(15 min)

- last game: applause in a circle. 

(For self confidence)

Learn how to Accept the applauses.

(5 min)

- music musica song

(2 min)

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