Thursday, November 21, 2013

KDM, report of the activities held on November 14th, 2013

November 14th:

Present: A., S., R., F. A., A., R. 

Absent: E., A., I.

Trainers: U., N., N., E.


What we will need:

- guitar 
- a ball or any object we can throw 
- a sheet and a pencil for each of the kids
- colorful pens 
- a projector and a laptop 
- two small violins


Warming up games

a - Do the game "say loudly your name" and pick the ball;
  - followed by the "how do you feel today" game (picking the ball accordingly with your mood);

Kids follow instructions fairly well. Still bit shy shouting out name.
When everybody shouts the name of the person who holds the ball, they all shout very loud.

S., khawatir
U.t, Tidak fokus
F.i, kesal mau non jok A., sayang mama
F. sedih, ingat ayah
N. tidak fokus
A. sedih, A. kakinya sakit
S., kasihan sama A.
E., heran, because children more focused. Makes her Happy
A., senang because S. helped her.
F., kesal sama A., 
R. kesal sama A..
A.: merasa sabar dengar teman2 kesal sama dia. (He feels he has to be patients with his friends when he hears everybody is upset with him).

b - Song

** Colors and Emotions **

1st EXERCISE: Sara will play  4 short pieces of classic music.

The  kids close their eyes, let their emotions raise when listening to the music and think freely to one or two colors which they think could represent their emotions in that moment.

E. will provide each of the kids with pens of different colors so, after the music has finished, they can open their eyes and soon draw with the color they felt.

E. will take note of each kid's expression.

Blue: R. 
Purple: A., U.
Yellow: F. 
Red: F., A.
Green: S. 
White: F.. 
Kids don't want to share a colour with another child.

Green: S.
Red: F., F., R.
Yellow: U., E.
Purple: A.
Orange: F.
Blue: S., F.

Red: U., E., F.
Yellow: A.
Purple: S.,F.,F.
Orange: A.
Blue: N.

Green: N., R., U. 
Red: A.
Purple: E.
Orange: S.
Blue: F.

Red: F.
Purple: E., A.
Orange: A., R., S., F.
Blue: F., U.

E. explains her profession as a photographer. Kids are very interested.
A. wants to become photographer
F. photographer and doctor

- Trial of small violins
A. loves to experiment on the violin. He didn't ant to let go of the violin.
F. enjoyed to try out the violin too.


Snack time


- Focusing and slowing down excercise (If needed, to improve focusing):
Walking slowly,
slowing down to feel ourselves do something normal in a extraordinary way
ask the kids to walk very very slowly, being aware of each single movement of their body.

Kids are quite focused
A. chooses R. and S. as the best slow walkers

Different levels fast-slow
Kids like the variations of speed.

2nd EXERCISE: E. will project different pictures (max 5 photos) strongly characterized by a color which gives a "particular meaning" to the subject and while looking at the picture, she will ask (on voluntary reply):
1- what they feel about that image;
2- why they are feeling that emotion (or they are thinking that way);
3- what are the elements of the image that they think help more to sense that feeling.

* Picture 1  - Lion cage (main color, red)

They felt: pity, sadness, loving animals.

They want to shoot the people who lock up animals. Animals should be free.
Animal feels sad, wants to be free. They see tears in the lion's eye.
A. says lion wants to go to jungle, others wants to live free, see friends again family
F., angry animal wants to eat people who caged him.
A. said that animals looks scary

What is the lions voice: kids all roar

* Picture 2 - Lions in the savannah (main color, yellow)

They felt: the lion is happy to be back home, to meet the famiy and find its own food, the family is reunited, they can play with friends, somebody saw saliva in the lion's mouth and assumed that the lion is hungry.

What is the difference between the two pictures?
S. second lion more happy, free
A., can sleep whenever he wants
R. the animal has be be careful not to get caught again
F., now he is happy
A., One caged, other free
A., caged, can't meet other lion, other free

* Picture 3 - Photo sleeping women with baby (main color sand and red)

A., baby sleeps, feels pity, because baby is naked
F. sad
F., pity because hot and sand
S. pity, looks like her little sister

* Picture 4 - a person behind window (main color, blue)

A., pity because person is alone and neglected
R., pity because the person must be cold
R. likes the blue picture better, likes the color blue.

* Picture 5 - Forest photo (main color, green)
F., happy
A. sad and happy
A. happy

- Musica musica song
S. wants to learn second voice.
F. goes out. Rest of the kids enjoy the song.
F. is very enthusiastic
A. loves to sing second voice

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