Friday, November 8, 2013

KDM, report of the activities held on October 31st, 2013

October 31st, 2013:

Participants: 11 kids

Trainers: N., U.

E., W., UN photographer

What we will need:
- a guitar 
-  two small violins 
- a big sheet of paper with written the lyrics of the song
- 11 pencils and 11 sheets (to allow the kids to draw)
- 12 sheets with the name and drawing of 12 emotions:  

1 left out: ditinggalkan
2 joyful : riang 
3 stuck: terjebak
4 undeserving (something) : tidak pantas mendapatkan (sesuatu)
5 energized : bersemangat 
6 confident: yakin 
7 blamed: disalahkan 
8 cheerful : ceria 
9 rejected: ditolak
10 resentful: tersinggung 
11 bothered: terganggu 
12 stressed
Activities, indoor:

1- Warming up games:
     Stretching and breathing.
     Song about their names.

They seemed to like the song.

We then went outdoor.

We played with the parachute and they enjoyed it.

First we did the waves (they liked it), then the "house inside" (they liked this very much), then the exchange places running under the parachute game (they didn't understand the rules and were very unfocused at first).

After this we did a role play game: Sara was playing "Venice Indonesia", they were sitting on the parachute, and we pretended to be on a boat, with the sea all around.

Then, they told Sara very interesting stories about what they imagined listening to the music.
 They told us stories about helping other children so they didn't fell down from the boat. A kid told about a big boat that wreck and they were the survivors and help others to get into lifeboat. 
Others were telling about somebody sleeping on the boat, then a thunderstorm was coming, then the rainbow.

Sara thinks they liked this activity, even if it was very noisy to do it outside.

Snack time

Then we went inside and, as promised, I let them try to play my two 1/4 and 2/4 violins.

They enjoyed it a lot, and F. was very good.

Then, to get their focus, we started with the little magic ball game. Some of them were not doing it, but were following from the sofà.

We then sat in a circle I played  Vivaldi Thunderstorm twice.
Only two of them were feeling "anger" while listening to the music.

N. asked if they know the following words:

annoyed: kesal
irritated: jengkel 
upset: terganggu
hurt: terluka
impatient: tidak sabar
frustrated: frustasi / kecewa
aggravated: disakiti / dijengkelkan
bothered: terganggu 
unloved: tidak dicintai
discouraged: patah hati / patah semangat
neglected: ditelantarkan
rejected: ditolak
put down: diremehkan / dihina / dicela 
bitter: getir
resentful: tersinggung 

They knew almost all of these feelings.

We then talked together about how they were feeling:

R. marah sama ali when he said A. kicked him
A. kesal sama febri because she annoyed her when she wants to learn ...
W. kesal with the children because when he was in the shower the door was opened by other children
Senang because in Kdm bisa belajar
S. is sad because she cannot go home, she is missing her parents
A., kesal when he tried to study somebody writes in his book
E. sedih, missing his parents, senang because he can learn kdm
A. Marah, kesal, senang
F., kesal sama F. nag senang, kesal sama N.
F., kesal sama febri
U., senang
N., terggangu, children opening the door disturbing
E., tired, but happy because they work more
A., sedih, is missing his mum,

We finished with the yes no game and sang the first song.

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