Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Report of the activities held on November 13th, at Kdm, Jakarta

Theme: Teambuilding


Blue Class


Participants: 12 kids

Trainers: SotarMette, Mara, Benedetta, Martina,Stefania, Nancy.

Start song: Name song. Kids participated well. O. and a. helped holding up the papers with the names. Then we moved around in a circle while singing, to make it a bit more interesting.


Introducing the posters with the “Activity Rules’

M. and f. were not very motivated.

Mette and Nancy already discussed the possibility to have them join the activities of the yellow class. We feel that they are bored with the activities of the blue class.

A. was lying on the counter, playing with a ball, while f. was complaining. Sotar tried to get m. involved, but when he came into the circle he started messing around with a.,Sotar told them they should go outside. Eventually Sotar took them out. It was easier to work with the other kids when the 2 boys were gone.


Hulahoop game. We all stood in a circle, holding hands. A hulahoop is around 1 one of the kids’ arms. They have to pass on thehulahoop without letting go of eachothers’ hands. We used 2 hulahoops to make it more interesting. The instruction was that when the 2hulahoops met 1 child, that child had to sing a song. The hulahoops both went smoothly through the circle, while we sang a song. They never met, so at last we stopped. The children worked quite well together. O. was very enthusiastic and sang loudly.



5.  Saving Benedetta: Happiness potion must be given to Benedetta who is very sad.

They have to bring one glass of water each to Benedetta and fill a bottle with a funnel. Little by little Benedetta will feel better until the last glass will be poured, and then she will be very happy.


To fill up the bottle they have to:

-Slalom on 4 small obstacles walking on the heel

-Walk on the rope, holding the cup above their heads

-Pass under the scarf tthat Mara and Mette hold upwhithout spilling water

We added later some extra obstacles to make it harder.

The children really liked this game. It looks like the combination of competition and teamworks works quite good for them. They kept asking to continue the game, even after the bottle (and later a bucket)were filled.


Musica Musica song: move around in a circle, make circle bigger and smaller. A. was crying, she didn’t want to join.


Kids were late to come in. It’s sometimes difficult to get them together in 1 place. Some of them like to keep playing on the football table in the pendopo.

After Musica Musica, Mara gave all the kids snacks. We tried to find out why a. was crying. She said she didn’t have a chance to join in the ‘savingBenedetta” game. F. said that a. went out of the line and then for some reason didn’t come back.Sotar told the other kids to make a. happy (as in the saving Benedetta’s game) and share their snacks. The children happily did so and eventually a. smiled again.

It might have been a cry for attention, Sotar said the absence of Ibu Uut affected a..




Yellow Class


Participants: 11 kids


Trainers: SotarMette, Mara, Benedetta, Martina,Stefania, Nancy


Start song: Little Green Frog.
Introducing the posters with the “Activity Rules’. The kids said they understood the rules.
Rythmical circle. Some of the kids seem to find it difficult to focus on the game and look what their friends are doing. We repeated the game a few times and let the clap go opposite directions to prepare for the parachute games.
Parachute Fun BallEverbody holds the parachute so that it’s taut. A ball is put on the parachute and moved around the edge. When the ball comes towards you, the edge of the parachute should be lowered and when it’s passing, immediately raised to keep the ball moving. When everybody does this correctly, the ball will travel evenly around the parachute at a steady speed.

We tried to let the ball make several rounds, it wasn’t easy because some kids were moved the parachute too early or too late, sometimes too wild. The ball would move in a wrong direction or would fall off the parachute.

Number Run: Number all the children within the game. With the children raising the parachute high over their heads, shout 2 numbers and the children immediately have to run under the parachute as it falls to swap with the other number. Variant: catch the kids who run underneath with the parachute.

One Handed Run Around: The kids hold the parachute tight with 1 hand. The other arm they keep straight on shoulder height. The children run around as fast as possible, on count of 3 (they have to assign leader amongst themselves for the sign) they let go and try to let the parachute float.

They really like the parachute games. They were all laughing out loud. We asked them if there were leaders. The kids said they appointed d. and r. because they are disciplined kids. We asked the two what they thought about leading. D. said it was very difficult because not everybody followed the instructions.



Mette: she saw many smiles and kids were very supportive to eachother. Nobody gave another a thumbs down. They did good teambuilding.


Stefania and Nancy: it is important to listen toeachoter when you are in a team. Look at what the others are doing.


Benedetta: also important to have fun and enjoy the game.


Mara: After playing kids should clean up and be careful with the materials they are using. That is also part of the activity.

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