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Report of the activities held on October 15th, at Kdm, Jakarta

  • Report 15 October 2014

    Blue class

    Theme: Team building, showing appreciation to others

    12 kids


    The children were very excited to start with the session.
    It became a bit chaotic when some of the kids discovered we brought beads to show what we would do in the next session and wanted them. A. and s. got into an argument because s. wanted a lot of beads and a. told het she was not supposed to.

    The kids were a bit hyper at first. Especially m., who couldn't stop jumping around and roll over the floor.

    1. Name song:
    The kids from last year's blue class commented that the sequence of the names was wrong, but I told them that we made a new sequence because some kids moved up to the yellow groups and there were also new kids in the blue class.
    I was amazed that after so many months, they still remembered how the song went.

    F. was upset because I forgot to add his name. He left and didn't want to join the activities anymore. Occasionally he peaked inside, but couldn't be persuaded to join.

    2. Shark game:
    A mat is in the middle of the room, that is the safe place. Mette, Benedetta, Stefania start being the sharks. The kids are the fish. Sotar plays a song and when he stops, the sharks have to try and catch as many fish as they can. The fish have to get as fast on the mat as possible. The fish that are caught become the sharks.
    Each time before the music starts again, the mat will become smaller.
    Goal: kids have to work together to fit all on the mat.

    We discuss first the 3 Golden Rules: 
    1. Dont hurt yourself
    2. Dont hurt others
    3. Don't break things.

    M. knows all the rules and is very proud to explain them to the other kids.
    A. and a. get into an argument during the explanation and have to be separated. For now they can't join the game.
    The kids really liked the game and worked together quite well. M. was proud again because he won the game.

    3. 1,2,3 Bintang
    1,2,3, bintang: first like it's played usually. Ibu Uut called out 1,2,3, Bintang with her back to the kids. They moved fast towards her before she turned around, then they had to freeze. Then we told the kids to move slowly, without noise. Especially for M. difficult, he was rolling over the floor again.
    A. and a. were very focused.
    There were 3 winners who each got a plate with cookies. They had to share it wit the rest of the group. D. almost forgot to take a cookie for himself. Ibu Uut said that he is a very helpful boy who likes to help her in class.

    4. Explanation Bead activity for October 22
    The kids were crowding around the bead containers first, but soon settled down. As practice, we told them to make a bracelet for Ibu Uut and show her their appreciation.

    D.: He can study with Ibu Uut until he moves up to the yellow class

    B.: (pink-blue bead) pink for the times that ibu Uut translated when Sara gave instructions, blue because he was in the blue class

    S.: She's happy to study in Uut's class

    A.: (green bead): Uut is kind to her in class

    A.: Uut is a kind teacher

    S.: Kind teacher

    A.: Uut is always kind to him

    A.: He can stay in Uut's class until he goes up to Yellow

    D.: feels peaceful in Uut's class

    A.: happy because he's in Uut's class

    F.: feels calm with Uut

    Some observations:
    A. is very focused and participates well during activities (except 1 or 2 incidents)
    A. seems to really enjoy the activities
    F. can be very moody at times
    S. enjoys the activities and likes to be near Benedetta
    A.: friendly and shy
    S. and a.: seems to have fun but very quiet


    Yellow Class

    Theme: Positive thinking.
    Sharing a positive memory.
    Message from Mette: positive memories make you strong

    12 kids

    1. Dihina dan malu2 song
    "dihina dan malu-malu  ragù-ragù yakin  ragù-ragù yakin
    dihina dan malu-malu ragù-ragù yakin segan bingung
    diper-malukan kikuk disalakhan puas yakin spesial puas yakin spesial
    diper-malukan kikuk disalakhan puas yakin spesial puas yakin"
    (Meaning: "humiliated and inhibited, hesitant, confident
    humiliated and inhibited, hesitant, reticent, confused
    dis-honored, awkward, blamed, satisfied, confident, special
    dis-honored, awkward, blamed, satisfied, confident)

    At first the singing went a bit chaotic, but the 2nd time went more smooth. Kids seemed to enjoy it.

    2.  draw your happiest memory
    Mette explains the activity to the kids.
    She brings a drawing about a memory she has, when she spent a night out with her sister, looking at the stars and catching fireflies.
    Kids can draw anything they like, big or small happenings, whatever memory makes them happy.

    Note: when kids show their drawing, don't say: it's a nice drawing, or nice colours. Just focus on the memory and thank them for sharing.

    It seems hard for some of them to think of something.
    W. can't think of anything for almost 30 minutes. Only when we're back in the circle he remembers something.
    He was a bit afraid to share, seemed very nervous and insecure.

    A.: river and trees: he went on holiday in Banten and swam in the river. He made new friends. S. asks him why there are no people in the picture.

    A.: thinks his drawing is ugly, but s. tells him it's ok.
    In the sawah in Banten. there's a farm. He liked the view and he liked the bright colours of the surroundings.

    W.: volcano that is erupting. Talks about a ghost and his friend Aan. His house is there where his mom lives. and a bird. 

    D.: tells about a dream he had. He dreamt he went up the Mount Everest. It was very cold and he's on the top of the mountain. When he woke up he had peed because in his dream it was cold.

    T.: In the village. Going to the mountain with the family and make pictures.

    S.: House: When they left Banten after 10 day holiday. It's both a happy and sad holiday.

    A.: Before KDM, she played with her friends. Her friend is far away now, she feels a bit lonely, but the memory of her friends is nice.

    F.: makes small speech. Tells his whole name.
    Plays with m. at waterfall. They were the only ones who dared to jump from there.
    Since then, never feel afraid. Feels proud.

    N.: played with friends. the drawings is about 2 different outings. He liked to see the birds and be in the bus.

    A.: The night before they left Banten. He's in the field in the dark, by himself. Then his new friends came and they shared their experience.

    S.: In the kampung in Banyumas. His friends were swimming in the river. He can't swim, but liked to watch. When he had to cross the river, his friends helped him.

    R.: During the holiday: It was his first time go out and travelling with friends. He really enjoyed the new environment.

    Background music: mix classical music. Some found it really nice, a few others said it was sad.

    3. Body percussion
    All in a circle. 3 ways of tapping + loud/soft. Sotar walks behind circle and the child he touches changes the way of clapping.

    Notes: kids were very focused and respectful towards each other.
    The group seems very tight.
    S. and a. kept touching Stefania's hair. Stefania indicated a few times that especially a. was a bit invasive, but she didn't stop. Something to work on.

    Kids sometimes seem a bit irritated with f.. Especially when he doesn't understand the instructions as fast as them.

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