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Report of the activities held at KDM on March 27th, 2014 - Anger

Plan for March 27th at KDM

Workshop on anger 


Unfortunately three kids left the group.

 Trainers: Sara, Nancy, Natalia, Benedetta with Matteo and Pietro, Mara 


Participants: 12 kids of the Yellow class



- Lyrics of the “green frog song” (Nancy)

- Shape of a body where the kids drew upon with markers (Nancy)

- Violin and guitar (Sara)



 Warming up game:

1. Claps


Double clap: reverse the direction

Say “BOEING while jumping: skip one person

5 min

The clap game went ok, including double clap (after we practiced a few times). Kids seemed to enjoy the game. But the 'Boeing jumping' part was a bit confusing.

We had to make it competitive in order to make it more challenging, but kids lost a bit their interest.


2. The little green frog song

5 min

After we explained the song, kids participated very well.

The gestures with the songs made them laugh.


3. Introducing Pietro and Matteo.

Kids had to guess where they’re from and then asked a few questions regarding their age, which school they attend, what they want to be in their future and so on.

4. Dance:

Angry dance along with music

1. In circle: it didn’t work

2. In couples: it worked better


5. Circle: discussion


How do the kids feel now that some of their friends have left? What do they think?


• E: a bit happy, a bit sad

• A: sad

• N + T: too quiet

• T: they probably miss the streets

• A: maybe they quit because they didn’t like the way the staff waked them up in the morning

• E: There are many enemies on the streets. 

• T: she is afraid of what can happen on the streets. Some kids were even murdered. 


6. Drama about anger

15 min


group 1: E, R, A, T

T, R, A are students. E is an angry teacher. She sent R out of the classroom, but the other students protested telling her to go out herself, and eventually they all went out.

Feelings when angry: desire to punch, disappointment

group 2: I, L, Mara, Benedetta, Matteo 

I and L were fighting, Mara told them they shouldn't fight. She ended up fighting with Benedetta. The others try to stop them, Benedetta and Mara walked in the opposite directions one to each other.

Feelings: the body becomes stiff, disappointment, shaking, excitement, tension, aggressive behavior aroused, desire to kick/throw, punch

group 3: Sy, Pietro, De, S, E

Pietro is a staff member who tried to wake up the kids. But he did it roughly and all the kids are annoyed. They refused to wash; eventually they apologized to each other.

Feelings: aggressive behavior, desire to kick/hit, annoyed, shivering, desire to shout

Sy said he's never angry, the other kids protested.

group 4: Sara, L

L was writing. Sara passed by and grabbed L's pen. They fought about whose pen it is. (Actually, L said that this is a true story, happened with E who had claimed that the pen belonged to her, while L said that it never belonged to her - by the way, L arrived recently at KDM and she is not yet really integrated in the group: Sara noticed that some kids didn’t want to hold her hands while in circle, and that she feels a bit apart).

Feelings: shaking, heart beats fast, heavy feelings in body, feels stronger and desire to explode


8. Poster with outline body. 

Sara played twice Vivaldi’s Thunderstorm

- Asked them what emotion they had felt.

 Kids listened very carefully

Situations when angry:

• N: A girl made a comment and she wanted to hit her

• I: didn't know the answer to a question of one of her friend. Her friend got annoyed and he subsequently kicked a dog. I got angry

Then kids wrote/drew on the outline body what they had felt in their body when they had started to get angry

We had to give clearer instructions; kids sometimes don't understand what we want.

• E: painted the fingers: when she's angry she wants to punch

• I: drew fire on the head: he wants to punch someone in the head. He wants to cry.

• R: painted on the foot. When he’s angry he feels like kicking someone. 

• De: different scribbles on the stomach; they symbolizes a Stomach-ache

• T: painted on red the feet. She gets numb feeling in the feet.

• Di: blue scribbles on the stomach. He Gets hungry when angry.

• A: red scribbles on the shoulder. The shoulders start shaking

• Sy: green scribbles on the arm. (We couldn’t hear what he said)

• L: blue on the arm. She feels scared and shaky

• S: yellow on the hand

• N: blue on the hand .

• E: different scribbles on heart. He tells himself he has to be patient.


We noticed that most of the kids were still not fully aware of their body reactions when angry (breath, heartbeat, muscular tension), they mostly noticed only the body "reaction"  (desire to kick and/or to punch, were the most popular)


SNACK time


9 - The green frog 

We tried to teach the song better, but they still didn’t know it.

10 min


 10- Game on “accepting, ignoring or refusing” other people.

All the participants walked around within the room, randomly, and whenever a participant feels like it or when s/he meets somebody s/he could:

     - Open the arms and smile

     - Close the arms seriously

     - Look somewhere else ignoring who is in front of you


 A lot of giggling. Didn’t seem that the kids took it very seriously. But when we asked them their feelings they had shown a good understanding and awareness.


11- Game

Saying NO (Nga), while the partner says quietly YES.

They enjoyed it, even if they didn’t put too much intensity in the game.


12. Inner circle+ outer circle moved in opposite directions.

Sara played the guitar, when she stopped, the kids had to open their arms and say loud: ya!

Kids were very enthusiastic. A lot of hugs. Having music while doing exercises motivate them more.

13 – “Musica musica” song

5 min


They really liked singing musica musica, with the bass voice. They asked to do it again.

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