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Report of the activities held on April 3rd, 2014 at KDM Jakarta - Working on anger


April 3th, 2014 at KDM: workshop on anger, with the actress Indi


Trainers: Sara, Susanne, IndiBenedetta, Mara


15 Kids joined:

The whole yellow class and 3 kids of blue class

- - -


Green frog song;

The kids like the song, they all joined

Singing with 2 " voices" was difficult but with some practice we were able to perform it better.

 Explained the meaning of the song.


Circle of emotions: passing emotions on face in circle;

Anger: some of the kids started to laugh and they had difficulties passing the "angry face."

"Crying face"

"Laughing face": they loved it


Then emotion circle; "change"

You Can change the emotion you received


Introduction of Indi


Indi showed 4 emotions

Indi played an angry face to M., who just joined the group, and he wasnt understanding, and was scared and impressed. We tried to reassure him.

The Kids were all looking and listening very carefully. They seemed to be impressed.

Indi then displayed sadness.


Kids were really interested, they liked joining. Indi asked who wanted to act it out.

Indi explained the feelings in the body and the breathing process


J tried to act sadnessshe focused on a sad event and then was very intense, until she was crying. She was really sad because she was not selected in the team going to Brazil. (Susanne believe this could be seen as her real emotion instead of the act of performing)

Then I tried acting pretending to be sad.... She didn't show too much facial expression...  she said she was disturbed in her focusing by the other kids chit-chat.


Indi explained a bit regarding the body-language: pointing with the finger when angry, open body when happy, closing when being shy.

M and M were not listening too much


J performed again: she was less expressive, compared to the first small play.


Circle; the kids imitated Indi: shy, impatient, angry, annoyed.

D guessed


We freely divided the kids in groups. 

They were told to make a drama on anger, like they did last week. 

First they did a rehearsal.


L wants to be with Sara again

Boys made a big group all together.


Group 1) Benedetta and Mara were angry.

Benedetta was protecting.

They were Fighting for a paper.


Group 2)J; 2 young boys fighting in Class.

J became angry (RJM)


Group 3)

I with the small girl;

Angry at a coloring girl (Febri)


Group 4) 2 boys, 1 girl, playing, running.

(S, FA)


Group 5)

Boys group; lots of laughing... (DS)

Group 6)

L and Sara:

They pretended to be mother and daughter.

The Mother was angry and she was shouting, L was beaten up by the mother.






Singing accompanied by the guitar: they liked it 


Indi; circle of emotion: imitation of the emotion; copy Indi.

Happy, tired, hot, sticky. Scared for an animal...

They really liked and even yelled.


Indi talked about how to act in an angry way, showing the poster with the body shape on which they had written where they were feeling the anger one week ago.

D gets pain in belly when Angry.

E gets pain in His heart.

I in her head.

Em in her hand; She wants to hit.

Nanda; wants to hit


Depending on where you feel the emotion, is your behavior:  if you wish to stamp with your feet, or squeeze something in your hand.


Explained how to express your emotions: could be yelling, hitting the box-ball, hitting pillow...


J explained that she wanted to kick and subsequently she felt sick and she run throughout the room and she finally cried. 


Sara played music, kids walked around, when she stopped they had to greet the closest mate pretending to be: two cats, two presidents, Sotar and Ulie, mother and child, football champions.


Musica musica song.


End and goodbye.


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